1. Hey, would you give some technical info? Talking about Time. What is the average time that the Butane should be soaking the herb at low temperature with a Dewaxing spool with a close loop extractor, using Dry Ice? In the video you mention that even if a low temperature is used the winterization process should be performed after the extraction but that someone has done it successfully without the secondary winterization.
    Another thing: the Time that the herb should be freezed in dry ice (in the spool) before be soaked with butane at low temperature, do yo have this time? All this due to the oil will be used in vapes.

  2. Jesus tits bro we just wanna winterize some wax why does everyone have to get so friggin testical about everything simple video of hands on with diy would suffice

  3. Yay did my first winterzation and checked it now after 48 hours and got a good centimeter of vax in the bottom so I guess i did something right. I used isopropanol 99.9% because it is easy to get here compared to pure alcohol may be more aggresive but I always use iso so what I get out before winterzation is vapeable so this can only get better from here.

  4. If you do a bho extraction using a dewaxing collum and are after the distillate and terpenes do you have to carry out an ethanol based winterization after blasting and before using a short path distillation?

  5. Wow! Goldleaf, I can’t believe you just said that. If you start with grain alcohal first you are technically using a weaker, longer pull on the frontiers of chlorophyll, but with a very cold (dry ice)ISO pull of 30 seconds in contact using wide mouth beakers and a timer( remembering that the 31 second of ISO leaving the herb is diverted to a second jar and to be considered the remaining 15 % of the pull. A second run which in effect is also a 30 second run to finish. The second run of course are scallop and half shell THC wax and fat of pearls and chlorophyll. Winterize, rack and purge, pull with alcohol, winterize, rack, reclaim, cure, absolute.

  6. It seems like the dewaxing process followed by the ethanol evaporation would yield the oil with all of the terpenes remain? Whereas extracting oil through heat distillation you would lose the terpenes because it’s sensitive to heat?

  7. Hah Yeahh ….. now i wish i had paid more attention on school in stead of smoking dabs in tha Fucking toilet during math ( Meth 😂😂)class 😂😂😂however : because of people like you we all can enjoy perfect extracts ! I dont have a Fucking clue youre talking about but Hell Yeah i will apply all your data ( when i am sober … ehhhhh i am never sober and always Fucking high Hahahaha so i have to ask my dab star friends too heheheh greets from the Dutch man

  8. Each solvent strips something different, one can’t do what the other dose so if you use the wrong one first, you can’t go back and get what you left behind. ISO first, then ethanol. Absolutely.

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