1. Thanks for the update Pat! I grew up in Kirksville. I do not miss that hole at all lol i know you said herb wont be available for purchase until next spring but what about patients growing their own? I'd like to here more about that if you find out anything new please. To my understanding I will be able to get my card sometime in July but will not be able to purchase until next spring. Once I do will I be legal to possess cannabis without being able to prove where I acquired it? Once registration has been filed to grow your own and has been approved, if that happens before the dispensaries are open with clones and seeds for sale would one be able to pop their own beans if they have them already? How many plants will a patient be able to grow? Is it just six or is it 6 in the flowering stage? If you do not plan on being a caregiver and are just growing your own is your grow going to be subject to checks by the Department of Health?

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