Will these Companies go BANKRUPT (The Truth)? Cannabis Stocks 2019 BANKRUPCY WATCHLIST!

The 2019 Cannabis Bankruptcy Watch List. This video is not meant to scare anyone but to create some awareness for those who own these companies and …


  1. Let me know which ones you think will go Bankrupt or if there are other companies on your watchlist! Thanks for watching, Like and Subscribe :))

  2. Historically, it looks like cannabis stocks sell off late spring early summer than rally into August, good note to be aware of!

  3. Guys just remember negative articles on companies are orchestrates/released to fulfill shorts sellers agenda for the stock to become bearish, which then forces you to sell, even sometimes for a loss, which makes them win. Namaste currently has been disappointing to most share holders but long term, I’m seeing a company that’s going to be huge, with some of the lowest if not the lowest amount of liabilities in the MJ industry. A technology company that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming and artificial intelligence geared towards the MJ sector. Namaste will never be as big as Amazon but Amazon should be a testament for what N can achieve in the future, which is,,, a BIG piece of the MJ sector PIE. Please do your own DD.

  4. A couple thoughts:
    1. Very challenging to conduct DD when these smaller guys do not even post financials.
    2. Do not hold too much hope that losers will be bought out by larger companies. Not going to happen. A business buys a company to enhance or add a revenue stream that is of value instead of growing organically, where the revenue stream, business model, management, and product pipeline are all favorable. If the assets are worthwhile, a company can pick them up at 20 cents on the dollar after bankruptcy.
    3. If a company does not keep current on quarterly financials they are hiding disappointing news. Buyer beware.
    4. Keep up the great work! Love your channel.

  5. If you listen to Stone Fox Capital on Seeking Alpha it would be ACB…the FUD they spread on Aurora is unbelievable. Namaste bears watching IMO…not sure about the others. There are a few. I do not think ACB is one of them though…but it needs to work out stock dilution and excess supply issues. I am still holding my ACB however…I also think Massroots should be watched…but with any of these articles I always wonder if they do not short the following week to avoid disclosure. The US companies are at the whim of the Feds too…Easterly Winds just wrote a big hit piece on ACB on Seeking Alpha too, slamming their excess inventory and stock dilution issues "ACB Third Quarter results… points to…Downside Ahead." So ACB has some naysayers.

  6. You got me all apprehensive bro when you talked about N. I’m thinking of bailing out tomo for what is remaining. I have a huge stake into that comp

  7. Hey brother make sure u talk about

    inflarx that’s a company that it’s stock is gonna explode tomorrow it’s u real mark my words it went down 91% today massive come back tomorrow I’d appreciate if u take a look and show the community

  8. There are only 11 states here in the United States legal I believe they have not scratched the surface of demand

  9. the american companies such as medman are at the mercy of the fedral laws, i think that the good ones will sit and humm until then,, hoping that the people running acerage holdings will callin some favors and get this dam ball rolling with what they have going with canopy its a money machine lets change these laws and get that money machine cranking out the cash it was built to do

  10. I don't own any of these but I'm glad there are only four cannabis companies going bankrupt this year.

  11. I remember reading an article about the all the Canadian pot companies and the total amount pot needed. I can’t remember the number but it was very eye opening just how many pot companies their were and how vastly over supplied we will be once these LPs are at full capacity.
    Consolidation or bankruptcy will happen at some point. Going forward, I’ve stuck with the big players and will pick them up if the markets go red.

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