Why Its So Hard To Predict Marijuana Tax Revenue

A new report warns state lawmakers considering legalizing weed that tax revenue is unpredictable and to budget wisely. Learn more about this story at …


  1. Tax revue should not be a reason for legalizing cannabis. The money to be made is the money a government saves from not policing an expensive and unjust law. Cannabis is good for society and the people and should be encouraged by minimal taxation. Stop crushing people's lives and let the people make the money from their own hard work and innovation and that will stimulate the economy.

  2. I can smell the bud while watching this hahaha … Just legalize it! We’ll gain more from it than lose.

  3. Marijuana is a plant and the bud people smoke is, scientifically speaking, a fruit. Literally. We dont tax apples and lettuce, so why do we tax this plant?

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