1. My dear sweet spirit child – this is wonderful! My favorite part is around 23 minutes in, where you speak about how smoking weed became so much a part of your personality that it was you. What I love about this: Weed may have brought you to a more fully expressed you, but I would consider that it was always you, not weed, that was guiding your expression. A feeling of freedom, or peace that may come from smoking weed, is just that, a feeling. Who you are is so beautiful and amazing and I see this as part of your journey of letting go and embracing the fullness of who you are without any aids ( weed etc. ) I see you confidently becoming you, naked, vulnerable, exposed, without any fillers. You are a wonderful work in progress as we are all, and it is a true gift to know you, and love you and have you share your walk on this planet with you. So proud of you.

  2. This was really inspiring and I resonate proud and happy for your new journey much love for the future also I love the chickens n the back haha

  3. Seriously enjoyed and appreciated every word. Your honesty and vulnerability are a breath of fresh air. I stand with you in this journey to reconnect with yourself. Thanks for sharing <3

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