1. I don't need a car anymore now cause when I use cannabis I just take my magic carpet wherever I need to go

  2. I'm 23 and every day I fight to push forward. I'm so broken down mentally that any small inconvenience makes me want to end it. Smoking cannabis is the only thing that I found that takes away all those mental burdens. My social anxiety is so bad I have to get heavily stoned before making it out of my room. I feel like cannabis might not be entirely the best thing for me right now. But its a very useful crutch that has been saving my life since I started using it.

    Aside from the depressed crap I did have a very good experience with cannabis and treating Bels Palsy . When I was younger I had BelsPalsy but had to get treated with steroids as just waiting it out can take years. But I got it again at 17 and half my face was paralyzed I was miserable. I stopped smoking weed in hopes that I would get better faster. But nothing. I didn't want to take the steroids they give you.. Finally i decided screw it. My face is just broken forever. I took a fat dab with my friends. After that, My eyes and face BURNED and STUNG I looked in the mirror. My eye on the paralyzed side was blood red. Like my veins had burst.. I was so scared I thought I had just ruined my body. I decided to just go to sleep. The dab had hit me so hard I was in a panic plus my eye was throbbing and felt like it burned. It kind of settled down as I fell asleep. When I woke up my face felt a bit sore. But I realized I didn't have a crusty eye which is a big side effect of your face not working. I moved my mouth and I realized I could smile. I could wink and even raise my eyebrows. The entire half of my face that was paralyzed had began to work again. It was the weirdest thing I ever experienced. I felt so shook by this that I looked for similar experiences and have been able to find a few claims but nothing that has been substantial. Maybe things have changed but all I saw at the time was 1 or 2 personal anecdotes

  3. I have used cannabis for PTSD. for 30 years. Cannabis fixes the receptor activity and gets it thinking about something else. Had not lived without.

  4. Currently on morphine & oxy + several other meds-daily for 2.5 years. Striving to get off the opioids for sure.
    Treating chronic pain & neuropathy from my destroyed spinal cord and 9 level fusion. Been using some CBD products which helps. My state is just now legalizing medical use so I'm gonna give it a try, home grown full spectrum. Learning lots from your channel and a few others. The community is awesome! 🖖🌱

  5. Severe a.d.d., PTSD, just generally high strung, and high stress. But before I realized it helped with that it was just cause I like being high. I smoke or dab generally all throughout the day at different times

  6. Yoga and cannabis are best friends. Takes away pain and transmutes into strenght to stretch even more. Best way to maximize the practice

  7. I medicate every morning night all day. Really keeps down my PTSD and epilepsy CBD is awesome but at the same time THC works for my physical abilities

  8. I have PTSD,2 herniated discs,a Knee Replacement,13 pins and 2 plates.Besides that I just simply love Cannabis

  9. I had a problem in the streets. I use too love getting into trouble cannabis changed me. Not the bud alone everbody i knew smoked but growing was different it was relaxing and i watched pigeons and canuk daily now im at peace true story thanks truly.

  10. Brain Tumor, chronic migraines, chronic cluster headaches and seizures mainly. Four years in and the tumor hasn't grown :).

  11. You probably looked like a crazy person setting the camera down every so often and running by it lol but I use cannabis for a more fun time also I have really bad night terrors so it helps me not have them as much and get good sleep so I’m not as on edge for my family’s sake

  12. Because iam in love….. And have Komplex PTSD all my live. Sometimes i feel iam in hell.

    Traumatic in Familie and rest of live…… But i never Lose my comedy….. Never.
    Surviving in a dream.

    A New disorder… The mobysyndrom. Peace World

  13. you have to do a whole series about from day 1 (seeds) to harvest day every action you do to grow for us beginners with much love and respect ❤

  14. Right on pigeons,Jared here,don't know about running,but probably a good idea,I'm in my 30s and getting to a age it's harder to work off the lbs once you put them on,but I agree in stress relief when smoking my cannabis,its a easy way to make everything you do in life better no matter what your doing,I really like your videos,I've been smoking on the original diesel,I like the sativa's, currently growing some Amnesia,green crack,OG kush and pineapple Express,2nd legal grow,and all I can say is it's looking way better this time around,went from shity popcorn buds to kola's as big as ears of corn (HUGE), and I think I gained a great deal experience just by watching your video's,I really like listening to the Wednesday night show which is actually the Monday show now, don't worry about when you get choke up sometimes on your live show it's the weed gives you a brain fart when you have so much shit running threw your mind your doing a great job,peace brother and keep up the good work,Oklahoma PS you should make some more videos when your ice fishing,I thought that was bad ass and would love to do that sometime, ✌

  15. Hi Pigeons, I am a huge fan and have learned a lot from your videos. Quick question about lights, do you think it's better to have one 900W LED or three 300W LEDs for indoor in a growtent?

  16. One time I ran a marathon distance smoking flower and hash oil while on a 240 mg edibile, four hours later I finished and took a huge nap afterwards..

  17. I use it for many reasons, like many of us. "they" once prescribed me pharmaceutical pills, flushed it all out and kept the only medecine I need.

  18. Hey dude can I text you through email?! I have few outdoor plants two as I think they keep on growing and few have been stunted. (Ps I’m an organic farmer so I’ve only used eggshells, coffee grounds, epsiom salt etc..) I REALLY NEED HELP SO LET ME KNOW AN EMAIL?

  19. I started smokeing cannabis to live a better life… I quit smoking cigarettes dipping vaping drinking alcohol eating better foods…. Cannabis is a gateway drug to a better life

  20. I use it to help me work and handle being in public tue battle between being bipolar and schizophrenia if i dont smoke my only other options taking the 8 meds twice a day and all the blood work done twice a month crap i rather smoke and hit a dab or two

  21. Helps with arthritis pain, inflammation. Eases the stress, depression and anxiety which, although mental, can also cause a physical flare in the arthritis. Helps control the nerve damage throughout my body after a couple of failed operations and years of not being treated. Oh, and i never get withdrawal symptoms from all the opiates the doctors have me on because of it. I could keep going, but honestly i think it'll turn into an essay. Hope you're doing well Pigeons, much love bro 👍

  22. It helps me do alot I broke my neck a few years back and paralyzed from waist down but i grow as you know mr p so its A therapy to be in my garden

  23. I'm sure happy it's around for several reasons. I use it very infrequently, mostly to reward myself for some major accomplishment: though for its calming and relaxing characteristics, its stimulating eating, its unsurpassed quality for creativity in music and other venues as well as the myriad of ailments mentioned below, most I likely wouldn't have even heard of if I'd not read these – for sleeping, 'for term papers,' for stress, (though I think beta blockers are a far finer prescription for stressful or worse situations,) but the reasons seem to go on and on, just read on here (and many thanks for the encouragement to contribute to an important forum of sorts as well,) for study purposes, for clarity and focus, for a unique, second opinion – in that it so illuminates a very different and revealing picture for the user on any consideration of anything as it lays these out absolutely bare that they frequently becomes clouded in the dulling effects of fairly constant to even unremitting sobriety. There is nothing even nearly like it. I'm surprised and delighted it's gaining its legal acceptance and much more widespread use. There is a long way to go still, it's taken way too long even to get to this point but we are surely a lucky society for it to be in our possessions. Better living through a very precious herb!

  24. The list of practical uses cannabis has for me is a long one. But in the past 7ish months it has really helped me fight off the depression from my wife leaving me.

  25. Cannabis is my Lamborghini i cant drive, and it doesn't smell of tires when i hit the gas. Have a great day Pigeons!

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