This is my second interview with my friend, Chris. He lives with primary progressive multiple sclerosis. He has chronic pain and ever increasing health issues.


  1. Chris’s story..Well said…i have temporal lobe epilepsy. still waiting for my medicione.. the u.k is a joke

  2. Very touching interview. I think it should be like growing tomatoes in your backyard and legal for everybody over a particular age of course. Well done, Karen! I hope Chris gets all the support he needs to win his fight.

  3. Hi Chris what squadron were u in. Looked like a movements Land Rover I’m an ex raf mover with fibromyalgia and a spinal injury I’ve been using cannabis for ten years now.

  4. It makes no sense apparently cannabis has no medical potential however the two main cannabinoids being THC and CBD are used for medical purposes 🤔

  5. Over 400,000 sufferers of mental health meditate for adhd ptsd anxiety depression anorexia etc im one of them, hoping for day im no longer a criminal and have to interact with dealers

  6. Thank you so much for putting this video together, Karen! I completely agree that it should be legal everywhere. It's legal in a few states here (it is legal medicinally in Ohio where I live, but not recreationally). So many people are in chronic pain or have severe anxiety and depression who could benefit from it. Great pictures at the end!👍🏼

  7. Wow!!! What an amazing story and that ending😟…terrific. great job both of you. Chris, you're a trooper….👍

  8. This was very informative! Loved hearing Chris’s story and point of view on Cannabis! I know someone who used to suffer from severe migraines almost daily and could barely function. Cannabis is the only thing that helps him. I think it’s great Karen that you are putting this video out there!!! Hope you have a great day!😊❤️

  9. Awesome. Love your spirit Chris. It is sort of legal in South Africa after long fights. Good job Karen you made me cry on this video.

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