Why Aurora Cannabis And Canopy Growth Are On Fire Today ! 🔥Marijuana Stocks On Fire ACB-CGC 2019

Marijuana stocks are on fire today and there’s a reason why. Today I talk about the profits i collected and the reason why canopy growth and aurora cannabis are …


  1. How do you feel about Supreme Cannabis Co. US OTC: SPRWF?
    I'm up 38% thinking of cutting some loose, but thinking longer term multiple.

  2. GIGANTIC APHRIA NEWS: Chief Executive Vic Neufeld and Co-Founder Cole Cacciavillani will leave the company now that their five-year stint is up.

  3. I'm happy to have sold off some of my stocks today. I managed to build a 40% cash position (coming from 30) and if my analysis was right, in the short term, we'll have another entry opportunity for longer-term positions.

    Keep the videos rolling bro!

  4. Why would it go above? 13% in two days off of no news. Still 1 billion shares outstanding. Its a $5 usd stock.

  5. Aurora is NOT ON FIRE.. CGC is on FIRE. sick of Bull Shit 24 7 you guys in Canada cant stop pumping Aurora. You love them too much.

  6. I'm going to dump money in the market for the next 5 years and see where I stand then I hope to spend more now and ride it out I believe we will all come out on top with the prices now especially if the U.S. go's legal it's going to jump so I'm in it for the long run ✌

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