Who shouldn't use CBD Oil? (Does CBD Oil cause Liver Damage?)

WHO SHOULD NOT USE CBD OIL? // There are people who shouldn’t use CBD Oil? Oh there certainly are. Watch the video to learn more. — Get even more …


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  2. My son, seems to get insomnia, from CBD. He barely takes any! Around 5 MG's a day. Have you heard of anyone else, having this problem? If they take more, does it help? Idk…. I wanted him to take it, because of his seizures, but his not sleeping much, isn't good at all.

    He seems to be okay, with just THC. Makes him happy. He's autistic, and doesn't really talk.

  3. I use CBD hemp in a vaporizer which skips the digestive system all together. Its much cheaper and works faster acting using ground up high cbd flower in a vaporizer.

  4. With any studies, we must address a few things in order to better understand and put things into perspective. Starting with a few questions, such as:
    1) Which brand(s) of CBD oil was/were used in the studies?
    2) Was the CBD oil used in the studies, organic?
    3) Were the CBD oils used in the studies that elevated the liver enzymes, etc., certified as "totally clean/pure," meaning nothing artififial/synthetic (even flavors), or extras added?
    4) Were the CBD oils tested for chemicals/toxins, heavy metals, carcinogens…., by a certified lab (which ones)?

  5. I guess anything can affect the liver. I’ve heard tho that CBD (medical marijuana form) can help heal the liver! So I’m now more confused. Is this not true?

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