Which States May Legalize Cannabis in 2019?

Which states may legalize cannabis in 2019? States such as Illinois, New York, and New Jersey are just some of the states that are looking to get in on the green …


  1. No more pills wake up alabama make a stand im tired of these pills for 13yrs that dont work at all legalise marijuana i need relief please

  2. Texas should legalize Pot so Texans can grow there own on there property, at least 3 plants per house , at the present time, it's Bad here in the Community and Neighborhood's, no offence to people who moved here from New Orleans, 8years ago, getting away Kierana, or whatever the dame thing name was, as soon as these peoples got here , the weed Market went to Hell, F it up Crap, Synthetic Shit is all over Texas right now (Houston) as specially,This crap will tear up your Lungs and cause Cancer, AKA Kush,Dangerous…..

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