Which Medicines Are Safe For Your Pets? (CBD Oil Review)

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  1. Has anyone tried the Natural Native stuff? There are a lot of different brands but I guess that one has a code that can be scanned to see what's in it. Of course, that's kinda useless if you don't have another to compare it to…which is why I'm asking. Anyone?

  2. Thank you so much man I just ordered the 75mg one and the dog paw balm for my puppy Lila she has crazy separation anxiety when ever I leave her in her crate and head on out to get things done hopefully this helps her thank you for your great tips I’ve been watching all your videos months before I got my puppy!

  3. Or you could just toss your yellow sun leaves on the floor as you smoke it without the sticky thc Save that for your own oil.. My dogs clean the floor every day and it's their choice. My 2 shibas and siberian all do it. Just a basic body high that calms their nerves. THC can make your dog severely paranoid and afraid of everything including you so try to stay away from it unless they like it.

  4. Yes thank you this was very helpful I have been checking into this kind of stuff and I love the idea that it’s mixed with krill oil

  5. I was watching one of your videos yesterday and my dog barked and jumped at the TV screen🤣

  6. It was the scariest moment in my life, she had a few here and there but real recently she had five seizures in 24 hours and a sixth one when she got to the vet.

  7. Hey Sixty, my Siberian husky does have idiopathic epilepsy and she is getting seizure medicine for it, but is it possible to administer the seizure meds with the CBD oil? My girl hasn't taken the meds for long, almost a week and I don't want to over do it with her still getting use to the seizure meds. Please get back to me if you know anything, Please?

  8. I wish this came out on 2017 it's because my doggo's sibling past in early 2018 do to stomach cancer, then they figured it out a day later after his passing

  9. No medicines are safe for anyone inc our fury little pets. Drugs are made to TREAT a problem and never to CURE a problem as big pharma would lose too much money if a customer didn't keep coming back for more of their poison. The only way to TREAT and CURE is NATURALLY with what mother nature provides.

  10. Your videos always make me smile and have helped me so much with my husky puppies Flash and Sky. They are ten weeks and they are doing well with their training that I learned from your videos. They can stay, come, focus, and sit. We are working on lay down.

  11. Thanks for the great info. I learn great deal from you. My dog is nearly 11 and he has some hot spots, some irritated skin under his fur on his back and his joints are bit stiff on occasion.

  12. Hila s eyes like she use eyeliner . I am l right ??? Such beauty …. Love your channel so much that I daily waiting for your video

  13. I have some calming treats made from hemp and CBD (I investigated thoroughly to make sure there was no THC), and use them on his rough nights. His arthritis acts up bad with swift weather changes and he will be up pacing, and breaking my heart. The treats work within 30 minutes, and he is able to rest. Straight up CBD is a bit pricey, but if you can fit it in the budget, it is worth a try.

  14. Good afternoon Sixty Formula how are you, Hila, and Brittany Spears today? I’m impressed with your reputation my friend, because you come up with new ideas for your videos. And also Hila and Brittany Spears, are good at helping you too. I’m pretty thrilled with this video, because you’re telling viewers what the best medicine is for your dogs for example if they’ve got anxiety problems or if they are unwell. Like you said it’s very humbling to have me as a subscriber, it’s very humbling to follow you Hila and Brittany Spears on YouTube too. And one last thing you make a very good guide for people who want to know what it’s like to own a Siberian husky. Way to go Sixty Formula, I’m staying subscribed to your YouTube channel for ever. Peace ✌️

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