1. Its confusing how a plant would evolve to get animals/pests high to make them avoid you… like what? Obviously we don’t lol 😂

  2. Also hemp is just the Male plant no it won't get you high but it is extraordinarily diffrent from the female plant. Bigger leaves thicker stems and if you look they have little round sacks spread out over the plant. Those are what fertilizes the female plant. Little known fact is that you can infact make hemp related products out of the female plant aswell but only from the stalks so paper and rope but probably not the other unique items you can make from the Male plant. The female plant has smaller stalks and gets much larger than the males. With proper outdoor care they can get upwards of 20 feet tall depending upon the strain and harvest between 20 and 40 pounds if done correctly. The female plant has small hair like points on the plant rather than the round sacks and that's to catch the pollen from the Male plant. A female plant WILL NOT produce seeds at all unless it's been exposed to the it's Male counterpart. But the diffrence in the 2 genders can be seen as early as the mature seedling phase a trained eye can reliably spot the diffrence between a Male and female seed however you can propagate the female plant without a Male plant so long as its still in the vegetative stage of growing by taking a small part of the plant cutting the leafs into a box like shape and exposing it to very high humidity aswell as root stimulating agents. Now doing it this way provides no genetic diversity as you're cloning the plant. But it is the best way for growers to continue a plant they believe to be superior. Selective propagation. That mixed with the hybridization of newly discovered plants is what has given rise to the ever increasing potency of today's marijuana.

  3. Cant the USA really understand how freaking stupid and disabled they look classifying cannabis and hemp as a schedule 1 drug alongside heroin and another drugs that supposedly dont have medical proprieties and then in 22 of the 50 states they legalize cannabis for medicinal porpouses!? Im lacking some info about it or its something extraordinarily retarded

  4. I think we all heard that weed “was used” in various ways, including medicinally, for at least 2-3 thousand years. But people today also misuse this fact and don’t understand it. That it was used medicinally does not mean that it was used for the same highs as people expect today. It doesn’t mean they’d smoke an amount equivalent to a joint rolled from some weed containing 20% THC. I don’t have anything against smoking strong weed today since I do it myself, but the fact that it was cultivated for more than 3 thousand years (in some locations, not everywhere) doesn’t in itself prove or disprove that someone should or should not use it today.

    People also killed each other in violent ways, abused alcohol, and destroyed communities by use of opium, which also was used for who knows how long.

  5. your history is waaaaay off… Egypt is in Africa for 1 and has been there way before the 1900s… quit jus Google'n some shit….

  6. why not africa? merijuana is link to black people so it have to be in africa it started. another thing, at the time of Noah's flood or that flood the only places that were not covered up with water was parts of africa, to include the ice age which withdraw as it got to africa, then civilization started from there again which is proof merijuana had to come from africa somethere there cause everywhere else was frozen and a time under water

  7. Did you cover Terpenes in another video? Also, what about the effects of cannabinoids on the CB1 and CB2 receptors?

  8. Aye so i have a question when dinosaurs were here were the pot plants 100 ft tall? Has there ever been any pot plants found that are 10 million years old or older cus i feel like it was a tree at some point with all the oxygen there used to be

  9. The law sees the male plant as the same, it is same prison or fine as the female…you see how ridiculous and antiquated the cannabis laws are!…it's all to do with money…the tax man can't earn from a person growing at home so they earn by prison or fines?….failed law!

  10. Okay I've noticed Kirk Bernard and all types of other attorneys and people in the standpoint of the law popping up with her advertising is when it comes to marijuana and things of that sort why do you guys always have an advertisement that's attached to marijuana or anything in the standpoint of criminal law personal injury law around different subjects that really have nothing to do with anybody in a locked up if someone wants to be educated on the standpoint of marijuana that's really just not your place obviously you were assuming and you are placing people in a position to assume that they are criminals that is to me personally you guys are doing something illegal

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