WHEN & WHY to FLUSH your marijuana plants!

In this video I break down when we flush and why we flush. This is one of those controversial topics amongst Growers. I post this video not to start a debate, but …


  1. So I'm still new to this but if you flush it out this good. Dont you lose an the tricomes off the leafs that you can blast?

  2. How many times a day do you feed? I also have same exact set up as you except i have KindXL1000 led light but I only feed once a day, the top of cocoa is really dry when it's feeding time so just wondering if you feed more? Thanks Wizard

  3. Thanks for all the information and knowledge I am now using coco my plants are growing much faster 😎👍

  4. Please do a test with the same strain. One in Pure coco coir and one with the blend you guys do. I think it would be interesting to see the outcome.

  5. Ok leaves are turning yellow at 5th week of flower..using 20 gallon pot
    ..miricle grow moisture control with some forest soil..fed twice during veg miricle grow blue stuff. Everything fine… during flower fed once medium dose 063 npk hanging 19 inches above is a platinum 400 on 12:12..

  6. Great video thank you 4 the videos and ur knowledge wizard and green king keep up the good work man

  7. Thanks, I've been a soil guy and looking into trying coco, this will be saved to look at later in the next cycle,… and I flush my soil about every 14days, if I don't by the time I harvest and clean up my pots the insides are just crusty white from buildup

  8. The way I understand it, regardless of the build up in your soil, your plant has nitrogen in the buds. You give it water only for the last week or two so that the plant is forced to use up the nitrogen right before you harvest it. That's how you prevent popping in your weed when you smoke it. Flushing the nutrients out of your soil is only important if you still have more than 2 weeks of flower left and you want the plant to grow some more. Nutrient companies will tell you to flush your soil in order to clean out build up halfway through the growth process. Poor soil conditions will slow down plant growth and root development. But mostly, if your weed pops when you burn it then you need to flush. That's how you fix it. Experienced smokers will be quick to point this out to you.

  9. What a great video ..Thanks for the knowledge drop once agian .🙌.love the hard work you guys put in down their in Colorado… Stay up ✌

  10. Hell yeah, love the purple plant, which one is that? I know it’s not the black auto, I’ve watched it begin to letting it go another week 2weeks in a row now… so what genetics is that purple plant?

  11. Flush? Dunno but maybe u can cleaning the fans and not blowing sitdusty over and over from ur nugz, free tip… be clean-

  12. Absolutely can’t wait for every video you upload. Thank you for sharing the knowledge. I do have a question though. Is there any chance you could do one video, one video for everything growing in coco?

  13. To any new grower- DON'T TREAT COCO LIKE SOIL! HIGH FREQUENCY FERTIGATION! 👍👍👍👍👍Thanks Wiz

  14. Great job on explaining the flushing process. Love that you acknowledge that we have to be mindful of our own grow and everything is just advice not 100% the only way. Thanks again

  15. What are the plants physical symptoms or sign to show you that it is time for that flushing while ensuring your not going to over ripen your flowers and in turn loosing some of our THC? Thank you for all your content.

  16. Great job on the Flushing info. Seems like that and when to harvest are some of the most commonly asked questions. Really just depends on the grower and the genetics, hence why there aren't any standards in regards to when to start these processes. Congrats on 20K subs!!!! You will be over 30K before you know it. Growers love😎🔥🌱🌿❤😁👍

  17. Can I flush my plant if I have it outside in a pot? Will that help my leaves get bigger? Ik you said maybe too much light but it’s the sun

  18. wow coco and pearl light so the plants grow better in that than reg soil?I I I'm amazed at how huge your buds are stacking damm good WOW never seen plants like yours ever I'm using your video's as a master diary for me .I hope I could be as good as you are some day Thank you for taking the time to show us beginners the ins and outs of growing 1st class tree's that every one can be proud of THANK YOU you are the WIZARD

  19. This my first grow so I'm in dirt outdoors I only feed once a week then I give them a gallon on ph 6.8 with molasses every morning is that not flushing

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