1. "Sadhguru" is part of that generation that has delinked from reality and just wants to tell people how to live. Who cares what he thinks anymore.

  2. this self proclaimed guru has become quite condescending and pompous since his rockstar status elevated

  3. You can't look down on things you haven't tried your entire life.
    Sadhguru has good knowledge but talking bout drugs is not his cup of tea.
    If u wanna hear what psychoactive substance are capable of,better checking out terrence.

  4. @London Real Brian if you happen to invite Sadhguru for another talk could you ask him if he knows about Aleister Crowley and his mixing of magick with yoga? I find this very interesting and would love to hear him talk about this

  5. This is way a family member said don't smoke while you're busy it messed with your mind 👀

  6. Some philosophical bull shit then again sadhguru can ur entitled to ur own, but ur still an idiot do ur own research or u taking some mainstream idiot word u are as ((fake As religions))

  7. I have smoked cannabis on and off for 14 years. The most intense feelings and realizations and breakthroughs came from meditating about an hour or more a day and a lot of running in the mountains at the time. This was completely sober. I hadn't smoked cannabis for a year and half at this point. I was eating well and being a lot better human being. I had an obe from meditation. It was a breakthrough and I got the answers I wanted. Things got too intense at that point because my life became naturally high. The truth scared my ego. Because I was young and scared I stopped meditating for a long time. Just now am I quitting cannabis again and I'm ready to face the universe and myself again without fear now. I have come to terms with what this place is and have accepted the truth. I'm not against cannabis, it was necessary at the time when I needed it and had it's worth but now it no longer benefits me but it only holds me back from growing. It no longer serves me and I won't be going back. This is my experience with it.

  8. I don't see the connections. It is possible to smoke marijuana or have a drink off work. It is not even for everybody. In California, medical marijuana is legal, I haven't heard about stoned Californian pilots yet. To speak on behalf of everybody, is generalizing, and nothing wise about it. For someone to be the voice of my needs, I require that we at least have met.

  9. I just want it legal everywhere so people with stop acting like it’s some banned miracle. I smoke it to get high and that’s it. In reality it’s about as cool and rebellious and important to the world as drinking a budlight, no one cares or is impressed. Plus the big thing I find funny with psychedelics is that everyone that I personally know that has used them will go on a big speech on how they see the world and universe different and how they learned the meaning of this and that and basically how much more superior they are than the people who do t do it and I ask, well with this new found enlightenment what have you done to better the humanity and they don’t have a answer. Volunteers cleaning up the beach for a day literally do more for the world than 95 percent of the psychedelic users do in a life lifetime.

  10. Many people see cannabis, Marijuana or weed whatever you want to call it as a natural plant herb. Just like any other herb. We can't say nature is wrong?

  11. It’s not work to worship, even though work is a form of worship! It’s a search for the Beloved One and involves sacrifice, usually of time, and a brain awake and receptive to inner worlds that involve no speech or few words. The Divine, however you name “Him” (for ease of reference) is so close to us, it surprises us to find Them (through His Prophets) so close – Bahá’O’lláh says to the effect of ‘closer than (your) life vein.’

  12. Here's the deal, in today's modern world with all the chemicals, pollution, WIFI, etc it's near impossible for people to master their body with meditation and release these chemicals naturally. You have to be out in nature and live a stress free life which is near impossible for most. But even stress free and out in nature, it can take a very long time to accomplish. This is why psychedelics are necessary in today's time since we don't live in a perfect world with fruit trees growing everywhere and where it's easier to naturally open the pineal gland. So yeah I disagree with this guy. Plus he doesn't think our world is controlled by elite psychopaths and secret societies so he's obviously not very awake in that regard unless he's covering up truths

  13. I was expecting a more wise and enlightening response tbh.

    Cannabis is certainly not chemical. Psychadelic class drugs are also natural. Such as mushrooms, psilocybin…

  14. All those who want to smoke cannabis can do it openly or secretly. Why should we legalise cannabis? we cannot legalise stupidity.

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