When is the best time to harvest cannabis

I will discuss what to look for to tell when your cannabis is ripe. Resin glands are the perfect indicators of when cannabis is ready to harvest. Glands will turn …


  1. Nice farm I noticed you dont clean out the inside of your plants or trim the lower branch very much…Can you share some thought on that…Thank You from Santa Cruz California

  2. Nice tips man good video I think I'll pick me one up? You know this might sound silly but is there a CBD strain that has no THC in it whatsoever you can smoke just for the taste?

  3. Im confused….arent the trichomes the resin glands, as they hold resin in their heads?? I'm totally confused.

  4. Dude your plants look amazing, two questions, do you reveg or cut the plant down at harvest? And what nutrients do you use? Ever use Advanced Nutrients?

  5. Great tip on the USB camera. I have one that clips onto my phone, but it's kind of clunky and awkward because you zoom the pic after you take it. Thanks for your time and diligence in making these awesome videos! I'm looking forward to the multiple harvest method as I've yet to use it myself. Take care, bud!

  6. Thanks for making these videos and the time it takes preciate it. You almost touched the purple stem still my fav. Okie dokie stay cool peace out

  7. Good stuff right there my braddah ! I almost bought that last year , now I just might get it….Man your plants have really taken off

  8. That’s bada$$, definitely going to order that. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to your next video.

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