What's Most Exciting About Marijuana Stocks To Investors

Marijuana grows fast and it can be planted over and over again on the same soil without depleting all the soils nutrients. That makes it a very intriguing cash crop …


  1. I lived in Colorado for a few years when it went from medical to recreational and I saw the same excitement over the drinkable and other forms. But over time I never saw the talk manifest into huge sales. IMO dry flower and the concentrate had the biggest share of the market.

    The effects of Smoked flower are the most sought after effect. Edible and drinkable cannabis is a different effect. I do like what these guys say about it being an avenue to get your non typical customer interested but from what I’ve seen people always go back to inhaling it for daily use.

    We are still in the infancy of this Cannabis movement so I am excited to see what comes. But I’ve used it for 16 years and it is rare to see other forms. Cbd is the big second and I have seen skin cream for amputees sold but I guess the big glimpse would be to see what kind of re ordering pot shops are placing weekly

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