1. You know what it goes through on your way to your phone? It wont go thru walls but goes through flesh and bone just fine.

  2. "What will 5G Bring?" – the enslavement of mankind by a Technocratic elite who believe themselves to be just a few rungs short of a god.
    They intend to wipe out around 7 billion people so that their master plan laid out in the UN Agenda 21/30 document can be fulfilled.
    Label this a conspiracy theory if you want and yet everything I have written is available for all to read, see and confirm in the main stream.
    Do your own research and resist this technological nightmare with every fibre of your being!

  3. Why is there no discussion of Data mining following Cambridge Analytica and the health affects of Radio frequencies. As of yet millimeter wave technology has not been tested for safety on humans or animal, plant life…. Just look into WHO and ICNIRP and the corruption in science around this very important matter .
    See the – scientific appeal – https://www.5gspaceappeal.org/the-appeal

  4. We gonna need robots and AI, because everyone gonna get microwave sickness and will not be ABLE to work. That is the future….

  5. I didn't see anything which I could call "good" in this whole video. Why is it good to replace people? I rather like people. Why is it good to saturate people and their animals with radiation? This video did not provide me with hope for a good future. In fact I found it creepy." Who wants to stay in the same job for their entire life?" Well, I do, for one. Why put all that effort into all that work and training, then years of perfecting my skills, only to be told I'm being replaced? I'm afraid I don't find that exciting at all. Are these multitudes of 5G masts vulnerable to vandalism? If so my future may be in criminal damage. Futurists, take it away and try again.

  6. This is so ridiculous. While world population is increasing continuously, man power is becoming obsolete, can see everything done by machines. Maybe this technology will make humans infertile, or worse, to solve over population (already there)

  7. 5 things you need to know about 5G:

    1: 5G is carsinoetic = cancer
    2: 5G kills all 2 celled organismes (humans, plants/ trees and animals)
    3: 5G is a spy-system
    4: 5G is tested on humans and animals in 1972, 1977 and again in 1997, with desasterous consequenses
    5: 5G heats (brain) cells, reproductive organs and fry them so in the future only 1 in 8 babys will be born 'healthy' 😡

  8. I use the 5g frequency band for wireless video transmission from my drone. That's 5.8 GHz.
    The current 4g network can broadcast much further and can easily punch through trees and the walls of most buildings.

  9. It is really not about us wanting better anything it's all a put big brother domination and control over our lives a police state

  10. Does everyone knows that any mobile phone provider did not make any test about the safety of this network

  11. In 2020 5G will be release 6G will be out in 2024 it gonna be in every country and city and it free 6G is like 5G but triple or double the speed for no lag 2023 we all are gonna have world population 6G is every were lag free for every on

  12. truth is 7G is now being tested by experts we dont see everyday anywhere . 5g released is after it was thoroughly tested . 6G is in almost completion stage . TRUTH .

  13. One thing left out when speaking about 5g is networks ability to generate visual data, these signals do not pass though objects – so they are reflected. By crating a dense network you will be able to generate real-time 3d representations of what is happening in any place covered by the network. In other words these systems have the ability observe and rely environment around them.
    As result they can and most definitely will be used for surveillance. Ability to reconstruct 3d environment from the data is very complex problem but as AI moves forward dense 5g network will allow tracking of individuals movements and their activities.
    Imagine – you open a window to your home and now some company selling furniture knows exactly what size, shape and layout your apartment is, what you are doing moment by moment and also what type of furniture you have, you may then begin to see adds for peaces of furniture that some AI algorithm suggests.
    This technology is going to bring amazing opportunities to the market, however, it will also completely destroy any notion of privacy and put people in power in a position to control the population.

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