What will be the biggest stories of 2019? | Part One | The Economist

Power suits, robotaxis, Leonardo da Vinci mania—just a few of the things to look out for in 2019. But what else will make our top ten stories for the year ahead?


  1. 2019 issue should be this!legalise cannabis so we run cars on ethanol and kp the environment clean aswell as clean from radiation waves that will be toughened more around us to give us more cancers like ur new 5g is going to do,oh am i gunna sabotage them fucking 5g masts u cunts of life that just want the world to burn ur gunna make martyrs out of white men very soon!!its comin!your world war3 is comin u watch,and u fake twats that bury ur head in the ground and kp 9-5 sacred for your status as a wannabe son of a bitch with a lambo the same as everyone else says no taste or education in the value of real things! you can go fuckyourselves and speak for ur selves u aint speaking and dealing for me!man i cant wait till they string u up again like they did back in nam and ww2 for your fucking ignorance to true morals and what dignity you think it means is not your dignity as a meaning,hitler was rite,he was cleansing the earth from what it has become today!!!a fucking sesspit of assholes and vultures!!!vultures vultures users back stabbin bastards all of you!!

  2. please economist please can you close down your offices along with the bbc and itv and channels4 and 5?and the rest?its getting embarrassing for you seriously your dogshit forcefeed drivel aint funna work on me,i came across this list accidently and im furious that it was accidently aswell,stay away from me please i cant stand this bullshit repetitive shite thats not gunna happen ever!!!!!!!not to me it wont anyway,i just hope everyone elese can see thru these lies over and over then blame you and stop letting you blame ourselvs makeing everyone recycle yet it dont get recycled does it?had enough leaving a stamp leaving for a better education somewere else instead of another government funded outlet wat a fucking surprise!!!

  3. fuck you corporations !speak for yourselves!you aint speaking for me!
    i will ride my mustang til the day i die ban petrol ill run it on ethanol fuck you all!
    u wont see me gettin in a fuckin spastic robot!im gunna sabotage every fucking one!fuck you that your gonna force me into one of these when theyre less than human!no such thing as more human than human that comes from sci fi!what i do know isnt sci fi is your agenda for a fully connected orwellian skynet style computer world were everything is connected and controlled and watched monitored society so that you can do even more damage to this world until we all get educated properley and not from these fucking spazzy news stations that force feed you only what they want you to hear!not what we really have to hear and do,but its not us its you corporations and big business thats the problem here!did we ask you to force us to use plastic in all things so that now u can blame us for the pollution,but they wont make your packageing biodegradable will they?
    brexit is gunna take away your human rights for free nhs medical treatment so the rich can privatise like in america thats why trump came to england,your all thick twats and believe anything on tv they tell you but you still dont want to hear the real truth behind what this is going to be,and its gunna fuck u and blame u,afterall there all gunna say now well u all voted brexit for out so now u put up with the consecuences yet it was a government plan to brainwash into it,cameron switched from propaganda to saying no dont leave after he knew hed already done the damage,it was fixed and u all played rite into it and still played into it more with nigel farage few weeks ago were are your fucking brains in your a holes?

  4. Ok I'm writing this in June of 2019. Half the year and so far none of these predictions have come true. There is a new tariff that Trump imposed that has slowed travel and trade with China and other countries. The stock market has tanked. They also have a travel warning not to travel to the US because it's too violent. 2019 has not started out on a good note :-/ and I doubt if anything on here will come true because they didn't factor in Trump.

  5. Those thing's is nothing but a death trap, those car's is to keep track of your every move and to control you, and kill people, y'all can turn fool and jump at any old trap if you wanna, I'm series, they figure they can't get us to take the chip's, the finding another way to do it, who wanna ride in a flying car or one that go by itself, it might just have you all going straight into Fema' s camp's and those body suits don't y'all invest in those thing's for y'all elder's, cause the say it for your joints and it can be for something else dangerous, my children bet not by me none, I rather pain a little but not much, put them thing on you might not be able to take them of, them thing's gonna regulate y'all mind, body and soul, that will control y'all, I bet somebody on here already than say I 'm gonna try those thing's go right ahead, try you might just like it

  6. Back in May I was praying and GOD came unto me. Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father and I am a witness of this truth.

  7. Soon they just may start keeping track of people with a chip so small it could be implanted in the body…

  8. Christianity, the European Sharia law. Ask millions of decapitated indigenous people on any continent Christians went to…

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