What is the best CBD Hemp Oil ? – AyaLife, Ayahuasca and Simulated Reality

What is the best CBD Hemp Oil ? – Ayahuasca and Simulated Reality.


  1. The Spartan run, is pretty fun. You just go through a qualifying entry. That's pretty much it. I joined it for the fun of it. We have it here in Australia, we also had Mudderrun. Some are pain endurance, some are just sprint run courses and obstacles. Pretty fun. I loved it.

  2. I missed the live stream so I couldn't get into the chat to ask my ?. Maybe Chris or Sheree can answer these 2 questions I have. First I wanted to say I love the show and all your content on TFR, so I bought 3 bottles of AyaLife. I got them with my crystal and and information card. You have a link for a webpage for the crystal map but the URL is not valid or working. Are you going to fix that? I'm done with my first bottle, maybe because I'm at that point I didn't notice anything benefits? Should I wait to see if bottle #2 does anything for me? I do like the taste, a little sweet with no bitter aftertaste. Anyways, love BTV and keep the flow going on your bars!

  3. I think the cbd oil is powerful enough by itself; all the healing effects, like with the Alzheimer's case, are from the cannabinoids…can you tell me what the aya part has for medicinal properties?

  4. 5g is to block out the reptilians and other hybrid humans. It's not good on us, but we can tolerate it

  5. Thank you so much for another great show ! Sooner or later i will go away for a period of time and ofc come back new and reborn :). Keep up the good work waking up people and ignore the ego comments as usual 🙂

  6. In my opinion, and 5G is designed so that people can Astro travel further and more regularly around the world. Only in my opinion the reason for global warming is people are travelling Astro travel and they are burning up The O-Zone as they travel for faster than sound. So take a big sigh and think what you do before you travel. I love you guys you're the best

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