1. Distillate vape cartridges are dominating the WA industry right now in the vape cartridge category. It used to be CO2 which leaves the original terpenes in tact and provides strain specific effects. Right now I am vaping on a distillate cartridge. It's effective but has no flavor. I prefer CO2 at the moment because I enjoy the terpenes however it seems that distillate is a better value for the consumer. Why aren't I buying the CO2 cartridge that tastes better and is strain specific? Because the distillates are effective and cost less money. 40$ for full gram distillate compared to 55$ G CO2.

  2. Question, is all distalite activated. Are carts that say made with distalite activated. I like to eat it but never know what is ready to go. Thanks

  3. I never smoked in my life. I purchased a disposable THC vape pen to help with sleep and to calm my nerves. The pen is a clear distillate with no pesticides. Would vaping with this be harmful to my lungs? Is there anything to worry about regarding long term use and lung cancer? Thanks

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