What is CBD? CBD OIL for Anxiety, Pain, Stress | How to Use & Potential Side Effects

Welcome Back to my channel! In today’s video, we’re discussing 6 Surprising Health Benefits of CBD Oil for Anxiety, Pain, and Stress. We’re going to look into …


  1. great video . watching here. keep it going girl. new subscriber and supporter here. hope u hug me back too. #415 on ur list

  2. This is a really great video Jessica, so helpful and informative! I didn't know the difference between the hemp and marijuana plant. You explained it all so well! Thank you. xo!

  3. you are so pretty! im a huge fan of cbd oil. my bf uses it all the time and I use it for cramps. great video! xx

  4. My step-daughter is a huge fan of CBD Oil and always telling me how I need to get this one and that one…but you really break it down. Thanks!

  5. I have never tried cbd oil because of thinking it had to do with thc. Thank you for answering the questions about it many I know have.

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