What is CBD (Cannabidiol) | Christine Hronec on FOX NEWS #cbd #cannabidiol

Thanks to my friends at Fox News for inviting me to help the public better understand CBD also known as cannabidiol, an ingredient naturally derived from the …


  1. You need THC in the CBD in order to activate the canibinoids. If you have CBD without the THC then it probably has coconut derivatives in it to activate the canibinoids. This just creates a lower potency that takes longer to see improvement, meaning you will be taking about 6-15 drops as one dose and for a very long time to see or feel a difference. CBD whole flower fluid with THC is more potent, you dont get high and it wont show up in a drug test, this can be given to babies and animals. This is a 1-2 drop dosage that is a higher potency for healing and you will see, feel an notice results quicker. The price is comparable with the secondary brands or as I call them "Brand X' . Please do your research on the bio availability of CBD oil VS. CBD Whole Flower Fluid (water based) and you will be amazed on what our bodies absorb.

  2. Could you possibly give us some options of good quality oils that wont make you test positive on a drug test?

  3. I’ve been using cbd for a while. It’s helped my husbands anxiety greatly!! I love that I live in a legal state. Not all cbd will make you sleepy.

  4. You look so good! Is this something that can help weight loss? I definitely would look into this if it has properties along those lines.

  5. Would like more info on CBD, is it good for menstrual cramps, what states is it legal , and what other health benefits does it have

  6. Would love to hear more about CBD. Can you talk about how it helps with inflammation and autoimmune conditions. Using it topically for things like eczema. Thank you!

  7. We just started selling CBD products at work as well as offering CBD massages. Excited to receive one and give them as well!

  8. CBD literally healed me and many others in my life personally. I was on bed rest for 9 months. 9 months of intense pain from sciatic nerve issues. Worst pain of my life. Many meds i was on and nothing was helping my living nightmare. I learned of it and thought, what do I have to lose? I tried a tincture and no joke by the next day 50% of my pain was gone. I and my doctor were floored. Within a month, I was completely pain free and up and moving again. I swear by this, more than anything else. I purchased mine from solcbd.com.

  9. Question for you…my mother is looking into this, and she’s also been recommended marijuana as kind of a last option for her chronic pain. She’s had 3 back surgeries, her pain is mostly from permanent nerve damage, she often can’t move around, has a hard time just walking and things are only getting worse. The discs in the spine are just deteriorating and there isn’t anything that can be done to stop it. She takes medication for nerve pain, and muscle relaxers when the pain gets extreme, she is prescribed opiates for back up but refused to take them at all costs because we all know they’re harmful.
    Would you recommend CBD for a case like this?

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