What Happens When a Mother is Addicted to Meth?

In the United States, methamphetamine is making a comeback. Following the legalization of medical marijuana in California, Mexican cartels pivoted to the …


  1. meth ruins lives. please, if youre considering using the substance, go get help. do NOT put yourself, put your children, or your family in the way of this very dangerous, person changing drug.

  2. My mom was an addict and basically emotionally and physically abused me and the rest of my family. At that happened this summer, it was hell but she's in jail now and we're going to court again in October for custody over me. I think back to it and get really mad, that she chose a drug over her own family. I don't see her as my mother anymore, I don't even mention her when people ask about who's in my family/how is my family. If you want to do drugs then fine, but know you might be loosing your child or even someone else close to you.

  3. So many people wanting to adopt. Take the kids away from the meth mothers until they get clean. Why is it so difficult?!

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  5. Using drugs when you have a child is the most selfish thing someone can do. As someone who has to grow up with my parents meth addiction, I can say it didn’t just ruin there life. It also ruined mine.

  6. My very dear friend turned to Meth. She is living in parks and now has ruined her background. She lost her teacher license, her son and everything she worked so hard for. I send her a phones numbers everyday hoping one day she will call. If I were in the same state I would lock her in my home for good until she is recovered. I will never understand how she decides to Meth. Never. She is an educated Mother that throw it all away. Please if you are homeless or know someone that needs help call for help it's never too late https://www.shelterlist.com/

  7. Society today, especially in the Western world, has, unfortunately, lost its morals and values. The world's overpopulated, people are becoming more depressed and mental health issues are worsening. Homelessness is a major problem in 'first' world countries. There's not enough jobs, houses etc. Poverty is worsening. People are raised in communities and families which offer no support. These are all factors, I believe, which drives people to use substances and become reliant on them, it's their crutch to coping with the enormous pressures todays life puts on us. We live in an unnatural way of life. Life for humankind was never meant to be like this. Some people wouldn't even know what a forest or fernery smells like. How often do we get out and see nature, as in rivers and beaches or just the bush. Some people never do. If you're not successful your seen by society as worthless. It's an unfortunate reality that I've faced and when you're battling addiction, as I have for years, not many people want to help you, including doctors. You tell a doctor you need help with an addiction and they won't prescribe you anything to help you thru the detox process, so you relapse again and again. There are some lucky ones who overcome the addiction battle, but they usually have a very good support system in place with stability, family, friends or loved ones. I'm not going to give up though!

  8. I don't understand how you get addicted to meth the come down is so fucking bad it would be such hard work being a meth addict. Then again I don't smoke it just do a few lines, I like sleep to much to become a meth addict unless I started doing heroin or something too lol.

  9. Found out that my wife has been using for 2 years , when I found out ,she disappeared and chased the guy that made it. I work 10 hrs a day , my dumbass had no clue till it became obvious. Teeth fell out etc. Horrible . Tough to turn off your feelings after 20 years , horrible. What do you do.

  10. As someone trying to find inspiration to quit, watching ppl smoke meth isn’t helping… not a good video

  11. My personal opinion on why drug use exists is this: we live in a society with only a surface deep focus on building culture and community, materialism and consumerism are the real focus. It leaves people feeling lost and purposeless, without actual friends, without good relationships, and no real values to build a life on. We're all told to go to school, get a good job, and work until we die. That's not what life is, working day in and day out is not living. There's so much more to it than work and bills. The majority of these people succumbing to drug use are at or below the poverty level, the government doesn't really care about these people. It's focus is on the middle and upper class people, people starting businesses and contributing to commerce. It's all sad

  12. its always like that they lose the kids then when the kids are back they meet another man and its back to neglect

  13. My mom was/is a user that somehow never lost control of her finances. I’ve just always seen her as just a little out there and I have to explain to people before they meet lol

  14. I’m from Fresno ca and I have seen the impact of meth in fresno. It’s a terrible drug it seems like the city officials don’t even care.

  15. I got taken away from my mom when it was my first week of high school, I walked into my house and my mom was missing and my grandma was crying, she said my mom was caught doing meth and I couldn’t live there anymore. Four years later and she’s back into rehab and still trying to fight her addiction. She chose drugs over me and my siblings.

  16. So let me get this right there is laws stating that you can't call him or her but there's no laws protecting the children like if you use meth you have to get your tubes tied

  17. Today was Christmas Eve and I went to my grandma's house my uncles wife (Kelly) was shaking alot and had no teeth. Just by looking at her u can tell she's on something Let's just call her kids Jack and Gorge. Jack is 15 and Gorge is 7. Gorge says Mommy why do u sound weird. She didn't reply. Jack said your drunk mom and there was a half empty bottle of beer in her hand she said. Itz not t t t ferrr u. I ran out of the room. Later my Grandma was panicking bc she had to take a pill bottle of Kelly's hand. I saw that Jack's eyes were red. He was probably crying. He pretended to laugh at the movie. Gorge didn't know what was happening bc he's 7. Jack went back in the room and found a another pill bottle. And 30 mins later he checked on her again when he came out my grandma asked what happened. Jack said well she can stand up now. Then in the car my mom said that grandma said she heard Kelly saying I need drugs I need drugs I need drugs right next to Jack. I was bout to cry myself.

  18. Worthless scum. These are the white queens that are having meth babies? LOL and those meth babies are gonna grow up to find a America that is majority non-white. Good luck to them.

  19. dang, her blood pressure was high! 171/108 ! thats that meth ! get off of it asap ! or your going to have a heart attack !

  20. My own mothers battle is a huge family issue. It takes the whole family to encourage n embrace. It cycles around n hope is hard.

  21. No judgment for using drugs. I believe all drugs should be legalized & regulated. But we need to do better about preventing pregnancies & ensuring the safety of the children of addicts. Having kids while addicted IS a moral failing. Do these women know there's a shot they can get that will prevent pregnancy for 5 years? Or an IUD that will do the same for 3 years? We should be falling all over ourselves to make these interventions available & affordable to addicts & anyone else who doesn't want or can't care for a child.

  22. Why are all these stories always about the mothers? What effect do drug addicted fathers have on their kids in society?

  23. Well, if all drugs were 100% legal, regulated, and sold with purity standards….nothing really that bad would happen…all of the worst "effects" of illegal drugs are caused solely by their illegality…open a Merck reference manual, and look up diacetylmorphine (heroin) and among all the effects, not once will you see anything about stealing, losing your job, neglecting family, or alienating friends, and that's simply because the drugs themselves do not cause such behavior. Those behaviors are caused by arbitrary illegality, artificial scarcity and price inflation due to prohibition and the vast majority of negative health effects are caused by clandestine manufacture with no quality control..all of which would disappear if they were legalized.

  24. My mama did so many drugs pregnant with me. I can't believe that I don't have any serious issues.

  25. If you are addicted to drugs, while you do deserve help, you do not have the right to victimize an innocent baby or child. The child should be removed from the mother – or both parents if the father is an addict too, she should be committed to rehab for a year, and the child should be permanently adopted into another family. Supervised visitation could be allowed for mothers who’ve stayed sober past a certain qualifying threshold. Additionally, if the baby or child dies because of the mother’s irresponsibility during the pregnancy or even thereafter, she should be considered a murderer.

  26. Addictions an actual disease no disease stops for pregnancy its up to mom to get help immediately and MAINTAIN SOBRIETY by actively treating the illness one day at a time

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