What Does the Bible Say About Marijuana and Drug Use?

Pastor Jack Hibbs tackles some of the hard-hitting topics of today’s culture in this YouTube mini-series to help believers equip themselves to engage the culture …


  1. I smoked weed for over 20 years. I do have pain my whole life. Everyone is different and weed in balance can help some people who truly need it. I gave my life to Jesus again 2 months ago after I was attacked by a neighbor. The Holy Spirit turned me upside down and shook out everything that wasn't Godly. I quit weed, threw out all my grow equipment, stopped sexual sin, pray for everyone, stopped gossip, and have joy to be spending time in God's word, dislike sin and the list goes on. I thought I needed weed, but I lied to myself because in trusting my life to Jesus my pains are getting better. I will continue to trust and die daily of my old self to allow God to rebuild me. This is the power of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!

  2. I totally agree with you Pastor. He is Not preaching against the MODERATE/TEMPERED use of alcohol and cannabis, yet against allowing it to consume your thought processes. A drink with dinner or before sleep, DOES NOT generally allow morality to slip, yet moderation is different for everyone. Sadly, too many abuse these freedoms we have been granted. Marijuana strains have become quite strong, making it difficult to do in moderation for pain yet a micro dose may be effective. The better choice would be CBD, with no psychoactive effects. In short, anything that PURPOSELY impairs your judgement to a degree of moral failure would be a sin.

  3. When you use recreational drugs you give Satan and demons legal access to you and your life . You open doors to them . BE VERY CAREFUL PEOPLE .

  4. I honestly agree with you Jack and we love these videos. My husband was asking though even the first sip of alcohol alters your mind, changes your moral compass and the numbness begins. But he asked, if we’re not supposed to drink then why throughout the Bible did everyone drink including Jesus. Even one sip of wine alters your mind. Help! My husband is a recovering alcoholic btw, 560 days sober! 🙌

  5. So having a negative perception alters your reality, is that against gods will then as well? What is sober minded? This seems allot more political than religious 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  6. I absolutely love you Jack Hibbs and I agree with you the majority if the time. This one is tricky. In 2015 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a few surgeries and 1 round of toxic chemo. I spent a week in the hospital fighting for my life after having a horrible episode with the chemo. After that I decided I wanted to live with a good quality so I didn't do anymore treatments until last year when it returned. I'm now taking several medications to keep the cancer at Bay. I also use cannabis oil for chronic pain, PTSD and to help me sleep. I believe we really have to keep in perspective what works for some doesn't necessarily work for all. We are all on a different journey through this life. Some were blessed with good health and some are not. If I've learned anything from this journey is that I know nothing of this journey. I have done everything in my humanly power to keep myself healthy however I still have cancer. I'm grateful and blessed that God has given us everything we need to help us on the earthly journey and he has given us things to help with sickness and disease. Pharmaceutical, holistic whatever God can use it for healing. I've read several comments that need to be addressed. People with chronic conditions should not ever feel condemned for using medication. I feel as long as you're working closely with a doctor, medications can give you a wonderful quality of life. If it were not for medications I would first of all be dead, but most of all I would not have to ability to serve Christ in the way he desires me to serve. This is an issues that has to be used with caution and not to lump everyone who uses medication in with those who abuse it.

  7. Thank you Pastor Jack for taking the time to make these videos-this one is an excellent topic that needs to be talked about more.

  8. I read all the comments and I have all the same questions, I wish I could reply to all of them and say just pray! God will tell you the answer

  9. Thank you, pastor, to make Biblical truths connect to our real life !😍

    Will share this to our people ! 😘

    Blessings from Taiwan ! 😇

  10. Thank you. I live in Oregon where recreational marijuana is legal. While I understand that there are so many purposes for it, that it can be good medically, but recreationally it is not good to live in an altered state of mind just because you can.

  11. I was watching a documentary about young girls who ended up in a girls prison. ALL of them ended up there because of the very bad decisions they made while doing drugs or alcohol. It is the same for adults, most end up in prison because of their addictions.

  12. I get it that the Bible teaches against drunkenness and bad illegal drugs, but many people use pot for medicinal purposes. It has fewer side effects than prescription drugs.

  13. Wow, for the past few days I've been double minded in my desire for weed and this video pops up. I live in Japan and was thinking about eating an edible for the plane ride from California back to Japan after visiting family for Christmas. As I've been addicted to weed before living here (penalties are extremely strict and availability is low), I fully know and acknowledge how my walk with Christ and morality goes out the window when I'm high. I've been trying to justify it by telling myself that it's only for the plane ride and it's better than popping a pill, but the Truth of the Word is the Truth. Better to suffer in His name rather than taking pleasure in potential sin, which in my experience brings a much more painful and unnecessary suffering.

  14. Well said Jack, I do hope and pray that those who listen to this and are wrestling with this problem, that they will call out to the Lord and ask Him for His presence in their lives.

  15. I gave my life to Christ at 14, but by the time I was 22 I went off the rails, for the next 10 years I abused drugs and drink, actually I carried on drinking though after stopping drugs, cos it was deemed ‘acceptable’ as it’s ‘legal’ and yeah as the bible says, there is pleasure in sin, but oh boy, I did suffer with repercussions as well, I ended up for some time suffering with panic attacks, oh and at 23 nearly died of an overdose, but these days I’m trying to use my past mistakes to help those who are close to going down that road, or on it, especially the younger generation, oh but it’s hard to believe that when I was 18 I experienced the best ‘drug’ of all, full baptism of the Holy Spirit, yet I still fell away and why, cos I let the devil get in my head, main thing is 5 years ago I recommitted my life back to Christ, whether people wanna believe in Christ or not, abusing substances, no matter how bad things get, simply isn’t worth it……, but giving your life to Jesus, that is well worth it 🙏🏻👍🏻

  16. What about taking marijuaana for medical reasons taking the tablet and not getting high using it for pain, cancer so forth

  17. Pastor Jack Hibbs, pot just became legal last week where I live. On the the news,the young adults were lined up to buy it. We truly live in an upside down world. God Bless you,your family and your ministry!

  18. What about rx drugs for chronic pain. I have prayed and prayed for my healing. I had a tumor that when taken out, my nerves were very damaged. My meds don't alter my mind…..so??? Thx

  19. Your messages are very appreciated. Love it when you tell people not to listen to anyone, not even you, and instead look to the Bible and see what it says. That is true teaching, and it’s missing from so many churches these days.

  20. My husband uses medical marijuana because of his fibromyalgia. It doesn't affect his ability to think, pray or alter his mind. It controls the pain. He uses only enough to keep the pain at bay, rather than cymbalta which was what was prescribed for him and is very addictive. But if you use it to get high, I totally agree with you.

  21. War altered my mind with PTSD. So now I used pharmacia to alter my mind back. It sucks, but better than the alternative. And my morals do not take a hit just because I did. Nor do you black out from it.

  22. Your talking about drunkenness but 1 glass of wine doesn’t make you drunk. Also medical marijuana, at least in Canada has the chemicals that make you high removed and only the chemicals that can relieve chronic pain left in.

  23. And mans laws are not above Gods laws. Just because something is legal doesn’t make it legal in Heaven and Gods eyes.

  24. This is a great topic thanks for addressing this and referencing the Bible. So many people struggle with this area.

  25. Pastor Jack but what about someone who has Ms chronic illness and chronic pain and the doctors are telling you that they have out use all resources medically the only thing to go is natural through cannabis without the HTC CBD only?

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