WEIRD PRODUCTS … The Future of Beauty

Beauty Products keep getting stranger every year … some work, some fall flat, hope you enjoy! xo’s ~ Tati HALO Before & After PHOTOS HERE …


  1. I love ur videos. M a medical college student, and whenever i feel stressed out in middle of study sessions, i watch ur videos. Ur voice is so calming….puts me right at ease!

  2. What would you suggest if you have low blood pressure and need to eat salt but have the same problem?

  3. I had endometriosis and it was not diagnosed until I was 30. I had had it since I was about 13. I ended up sterile with a complete hysterectomy and in early menopause. It took so long to get diagnosed, I was told there was nothing wrong, I was a whiner, it was all in my head. I still have issues from all the scar tissue in my abdomen. It makes me wonder how many other women are out there suffering with no one helping them…

  4. I would love a zoomed in step by step video on each step in putting on your base. From primer to blush, bronze, and highlight. Please please please?!? I feel like there is still so much to learn when it comes to perfecting my base. Teach me Tati! 😍 💄

    Edit: also I was just noticing that you have features that remind me of Kourtney Kardashian. I mean that as a compliment! She’s gorgeous! I have another request ☺️Would you do a Kourtney Kardashian tutorial?? With an outfit!

  5. One finger mit? Kind of awesome. Weird, I said that with the complete opposite of crotch oil? Ring my bellllllllllll ring my bell. Anyone else sing that? Lol

  6. You mentioned endometriosis on this video, I’m currently dealing with that as I’m watching your video- completely bedridden and can’t get up without throwing up.. any tips/tricks to help me out?

  7. You’re so gorgeous!! I love your blue eyes and dark hair😻😻😻 I love you so much, Tati!!!

  8. Tati be carful if you buy any colab from Sally’s beauty they put used makeup back in the shelf especially the sponges

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