1. Hey Richie Rich planning to do anything on 5G stocks?? If so would be nice to see your picks. Heard of CHL (China Mobile), but that doesn't fall under penny stocks and NOKIA which is under $5 here in the US. 2020 is 5g. Let the world know if you have any great penny 5G stock picks. Much appreciated. LTRX and CRNT are 2 other penny stock with great business plans. 5G Open the Door to an Expected $12 Trillion Market

  2. Hrvsf -Harvest Health & Recreation expects to have more than 100 dispensaries in 14 states by 2020 in the US. With this target in mind and the acquisition strategy executed in 2018, the company appears to be poised to grow at a fast pace in 2019 and 2020

  3. I had my spinal cord cut in 2010, put in a wheelchair for 8 yrs. without norco, I would not be able to move or leave my bed. I have only taken half a norco, every morning, no more ever. I use a ton of CBD, it does nothing for my real pain. But it is helping. I People like to get high, that’s the addiction before the chemical. Properly used, opiates are very needed. Much love and ✊ respect

  4. Hey rich! Great video.
    How about that ugly gap on 48 north. I couldn't hold it its coming down to 1.01 before it takes off.
    Congrats on labs I'm so happy u bought some. Labs will most definitely bust up to $12 to 15$
    Shorters will get squeezed. Todays pullback was a gifted opportunity to those who don't own any.

  5. Hello Rich many efforts are going by senators an statesman's to legalize it I,m watched even RICK LAKE today was preaching about cannabis to legalize it to I SOLD all MY LABS SHARES big MISTAKE (::

  6. Have you come across $PHCEF PharmaCielo Ltd, another columbia based Cannabis company , setting its eyes on the international market , valued more than 1 billion.

  7. Hey Rich, Question for ya? When a company acquires a smaller company ( for eg HEXO is all set to acquire New Strike Brand NWKRF. deal almost thru) What happens to the investment in NWKRF , would all the shares be bought out by HEXO, would NWKRF still be listed on NASDAQ ? Would it make sense to keep investing in NWKRF during a merger/acquisition. OR would it just be wise to either invest in HEXO or just stay on the sidelines till things are settled? Response much appreciated. Based on the recent event held at Las Vegas , NWKRF which is one of the undervalued stock has great expansion plans post legalization in few other states here in the US.

  8. Zelda Therapeutics has clinical trails with the St Vincent’s about chronic pain, insomnia and autism. Also they have a really good ADVISORY BOARD as Professor Manuel Guzmán, Professor Cristina Sánchez, Dr Noah Federman and more. I believe in them long terme

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