Weed Smoking Goes Wrong / Weed Fail Compilation / WEED FUNNY FAILS AND WTF MOMENTS! #49

This is video 49 of are new series. Episode 49 of very funny weed fails and moments. we put together some of the funniest weed moments including wtf moments …


  1. i cant uderstand why u do buy weed 1g weed by 13$ that so expinsive im my country weed cost is 10 dh 1$ by 1 g the best quality
    in world u can get the medium quality free if u asking farmer nicely he will give 30 g and khardala u can get 1 0 kg free xD just go in ktama in rif maroco and remember my words because rif the largest cannabis farm in the world
    sorry my english is so bad

  2. I've done weed twice now, and I regret both times extremely. I don't know if it's just my body/mind or I'm allergic to one of the many chemicals that weed contains but I felt like I was dying, I had huge chest pain, my heart felt like it was twisting in my chest and it literally lasted a lot longer then it should have. First time was a 100mg cookie and 2nd time was 2 blunts but the effects we're the same even tho first time was a lot bigger of a dose.. I think next time I will try LSD or shrooms…

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