1. I don’t know any “casual” smokers. Tell them to stop completely and watch the addict in them unfold.

  2. Every time I engage in smoking herb I noticed that it would interfere with me being able to remember my dreams at night..

  3. You're just a salesman, you wish more people smoke so you can sell more of your lung cleansing product

  4. I'm a song writer I would love your perspective on music of all kind. Completely off topic but I think you would get it.

  5. Marijuana…is a plant as any other plant GOD made….I use it as seasoning in food….and I smoke it with out the use of paper or any tobacco….
    MARIJUANA IS ALKALINE…..but you are right we should not smoke anything..most of the crap on the street is HYBRID….

  6. Well oh well I just started smoking cbd with thc for migraine because the medicine is bad so in this life you can’t win so I have change diet cut out meat etc and still got a headache so I have to do what makes me feel better and now trying cbd oil

  7. Brother you are preaching lol. We shouldnt be smoking anything. We got to be on point and smoking that weed take us away from that. If people want to smoke cool but please dont spread that smoking is healthy, its not

  8. I have cut back significantly and wanting to transition to a tea instead. I mainly want the CBD component. Not so much interested in being high anymore. Thanks for the content!

  9. Thank you for sharing your information .. I'm a daily smoker but slowly cutting back . You're right it's not healthy at all tbh. I appreciate you sharing without trying to force your views .. 💯

  10. 😂😂😂😂😂 aye man this is the absolute truth. I don’t smoke but it’s funny as hell how you slick throw them shots. Horse tranquilizer.

  11. Hey do you think breathing techniques help with people's well being? Like someone like wim hof promotes??

  12. I don’t think weed is good at all. It causes you to be unproductive, you don’t need it to survive, it’s a money waster, it’s worthless

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