1. Also plain Jane is good value. But there is companies out there that get pretty close to the quality of thc flower. Try Boston Hempire it is a little pricey but you will love it

  2. Hemp is not the male plant it is just a different type of cannabis. Male plants don’t produce flower only female plants produce flower. Hemp and marijuana can both be either male or female. Only female hemp and marijuana produce flowers🙂

  3. People didnt know the diffrents between cbd and thc thats why back in the day weed wasnt as popular as it is today.. becuz they had a way of getting a better high untill people discovered how to get higher thc in there flower. The weed back then compared to now was super thrash …. Back then u had high cbd low thc now its high thc low cbd..cuz people looking for that euphoric feeling

  4. Thats because cbd is real weed….u have to realize the world is always changing cbd came first and thc came when they learn what gave u the euphoric feelin…thc dont work with out cbd and cbd dont work without thc….and u cant smoke cbd on probation don't send people to jail

  5. This stuff is great but even with the very little THC in it you will still fail a drug test with it. There are a few video of people testing it and they all failed.

  6. Fact Both cbd hemp flower and cbd oil can make you fail a drug test easily researched on YouTube and Google.Fact cbd flower contains up to .3 percent THC which makes a police field test test positive for marijuana Fact the state of Indiana is trying to pass a bill to make Hemp flower illegal(may of passed)Fact ordering cbd flower and getting it in the mail could loose you your package resulting in a letter of seizure from USPS research Reddit has happened in last month or so. Fact an Idaho truck driver was arrested 1 24 19 for transporting nearly 7000 pounds of hemp did a field test said it was marijuana truck and cargo seized trucker charged with felonies.Fact in Georgia a business was raided and all cbd flower was identified as Marijuana took owner to jail April 3 2019 "As cannabis laws changed, he thought he could sell new products. But Georgia police raided his shop and arrested him."The drug task force agents took products ranging from CBD gummie candies to dog treats, based off field tests they conducted at the store."The only charge Ellis faces so far is for the sale of hemp nugs by CBD Genesis. "I live in PA where there are Hemp Farms you can buy cbd oil but not one single store that i can find has the flower which makes me paranoid about getting it in the mail.

  7. I’ve been wanting to try CBD for my anxiety. I smoke weed, and sometimes it makes my anxiety worse when I’m out in public. Thanks for the information on CBD.

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