1. I just commented on one of your other posts, would you consider night time smoking a balance? I am dabbling with testing myself and the first thing I came up with weekends only but I just want that balance. Did the reward thing you created lead you into falling in love with sobriety ? What did smoking a couple times a week vs everyday actually do for your mind?

  2. I also had a struggling weed addiction for a year and a half, surprisingly enough I took 7 grams of shrooms and came out a completely new person. The comfort blanket (daily weed) Id cover myself has been lifted off… I believe if your not doing it every single day and don't NEED it to function in public. Do it on days you have nothing planned or at night time weed addiction is fuckked considering you cant even drive after…. Its a waste of life (Nice Vid, keep it up)!

  3. Hey Gabriel! I feel personally touched by this video after our comment exchange 💞 you are fast becoming a place of safety and confidence for me. Thank you so much new friend. Lots of love, Lauren ❤

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