Weed debate: should it be legalised? Damian Marley and Dr D'Ambrosio discuss

Should weed be legal in the UK? What about health risks? We talk to Damian Marley and Dr Frank D’Ambrosio. (Click to subscribe for more Channel 4 News …


  1. Lol mate you done a volcano of high grade weed, then went in a magnetic tube. You have whitied my friend, that's tough for virgin lungs.

  2. If it does ever become legal it will become obviously be regulated so the risk of it being spiked would be extremely low and should be moderated so selling it with out the selling license should be illegal and there should be a limit of how many grams on person is allowed such as 5 grams like that Netherlands and you are only allowed to grow 1 or 2 plants at once but legalising it would also be beneficial to the government such as freeing up prison space and also its estimated that the government could earn 2 billion in tax revenue

  3. They should of pointed out 'did you try spice? That's synthetic weed, like that modified skunk but worse and that's completely legal'

  4. I hate how british people call any weed that is good "skunk". "Skunk" is actually a specific strain, and its not even that good, its one of the popular strains in the late 80s to mid 90s. Also, what ever happened to you fuckers? I am Canadian and feel seriously bad for any Brit who likes to smoke weed. Your perception of it is entirely backwards, to the point that even the people who use weed in the UK seem like fucking weirdos. Come to Canada you will change your mind fast. I have a friend here from UK who thought weed was like heroine until he came to Canada and realized everyone uses it.

  5. They have an effective measure in the Philippines against drug use.
    They shoot drug dealers on sight.
    He has an approval rate of 85%.
    Id vote in favour of it.

  6. A wise man once said the beautiful herb it’s a bird and it’s been here for thousands of years, and for a fucking great reason just like any other life form on the face of this earth. We are as important to our majesty as any animal is

  7. i cant believe we are still discussing the pros and cons. there is so much data, so many studies and the Bristish govn stick their head in the sand

  8. The govt are using falsehoods and propaganda to demonize cannabis. It's a manipulating and carefully calculated campaign of deception. Skunk is simply a blanket term for the different strains of cannabis produced by farmers. There's no mystique or anything ominous about it! Basically it gets you stoned or even better tripping off your head. The people who publish negative reports about the drug are govt agents who are paid to deceive the masses. Many politicians and people in authority have used cannabis and class A drugs. This whole Reefer Madness 'marijuana makes you mad' is completely without substance and is used to mask the benefits of cannabis which is opening your mind and in some cases actually saving people's lives. Please stop with the Reefer Madness paranoia!

  9. "Robbed me of my persona" please stop with that you just had too much I had too much once and felt like I was in a dream if you legalised it you would be able to regulate the strength.

  10. Also. This wasn't really a fair debate. It wasn't even what I'd call a debate. More like a discussion. If weed users want to win their battle against old fuddy duddies like this presenter, they need to get someone who knows how to argue. This was a walk over,

  11. Shut up saying skunk😂 when news reporters go on about skunk they’re talking about cali and the only reason u had a bad time with it is because u can’t hack weed u lightweight

  12. Dr D Ambrosia is the Chief Medical Advisor to Britains leading Cannabis Company Block Commodities, it will become mainstream this year!!!

  13. we need real drug education channel4!
    not these lies!
    give us the truth, and the future in the Uk will be easier if we are not manipulated and misled

  14. i am surpised this is even a question

    all plants and fungi NEED to be legal
    and the arrests need to stop.

  15. You cant tell what weed does to the individual? Just like all those prescription drugs with all the side effects

  16. So I did a tiny bit of research and found that most studies have that weed is linked to smoking marijuana in adolescence and pyschosis are linked. So what firstly, if it's increased chance it's still a 3% chance of developing psychosis. If you abstain until you're brain has fully devloped (i think most negative effects become negligable at around 17 or so), or abstain if you have a history of mental illnesses in your family then it seems to be a perfectly safe drug. However, there doesn't seem to be enough data yet to establish any causal links so it could go either way.

  17. Dang Jr. you kept such a cool head with that old “high society, snobbish, know it all” Brit. He is so out of touch with the times. He sounds so ignorant in his argument against weed. We are lucky to have you (Damian) as an advocate and spokes person for the cause. You handled yourself with the highest of class, and dignity! Well done lad! Keep up the good fight for those of us who need this life saving Med. Before cannabis I had no quality of life, but now I’m free, and have my life back! Jah Bless and keep you brethren! We love you Jr. Gong!!!!

  18. If cannabis was linked to psychosis, the rate at which people were being diagnosed would be rising. Especially with legalization. News flash: it isn’t.

  19. Never heard more bullshit in me life cannabis oil is a cure for many diseases stop being a small minded nation

  20. he was robbed of his soul…PLEASE LOL, if you gonna have someone testing cannabis get someone whos qualified.

  21. This propaganda is for the purpose of promoting “medicinal cannabis” the vast majority of which is a CBD product which has no health benefits of any kind but which doesn’t get you stoned.
    We have all agreed many many many times that recreational use is irresponsible.
    The use of it will include unpleasant experiences which are actually very valuable in psychiatric terms, but which have to be prepared for.
    I myself have had very frightening experiences but I am not complaining.
    The population is in very poor mental health and programmes like this are just serving to make things worse.
    There are no cures in psychiatry without pain. But pain in modern civilisation is to be avoided at all costs so mental sickness thrives

  22. It's amazing how some people are professionals on weed when they have never tried it just old fellas talking rubbish cigarettes and booze r worst than weed so TRUE Education is needed not bullshit talk

  23. Folk medicine is your cultural religious right, god given and generally previously understood by all cultures. (This can b argued under current legal systems if necessary).

  24. Fake stats from fake news purveyors. Cannabis is for the healing of the nations and John Snow has no soul to loose to cannabis. He sold his to baphomet, Molloch and the security state long ago.

  25. Banning it will only drive up the amount of those genetically enhanced strains. These old people are truly ignorant. Bumbaclats!

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