Weed black market shows huge threat to legal businesses

Illegal dispensaries are a huge threat to California’s legal cannabis market, the largest in the country. CNBC went inside 10 unlicensed stores to show a variety …


  1. Talk about having nothing to report on so you gotta snitch on these folks, get something better to do

  2. They should be allowed to stay open late and dab on the premises so obviously this is going to happen when you tell people they can’t do things they should be allowed to do they are going to do them anyway

  3. So if you got recorded without permission we can sue correct ? Cause I'm READY to collect my money . Currently saving this video for proof πŸ‘πŸΌ

  4. This is like the kind of movie where you want the "bad" guys to win, like in 'Ocean's Eleven', 'Heat', 'The Italian Job', 'Gone in 60 Seconds', 'Fast and Furious', 'Hell or High Water', 'Cheech and Chong'

  5. CNBC Investigates. Oh, please LOL! Scripted sob stories and trying too hard to sensationalize nothing. This is a paid campaign by uppity spoiled white entrepreneurial brats who don't give a crap about the justice system sentencing poor people of color to decades in prison for "illegal" possession of miniscule amounts of weed. And they're whining about unfairness? Serves them right. Maybe wait for full legalization before accusing the little guy of illegal activity. What kind of authority do CNBC producers and their interns have, anyway, to judge who is unethical or worthy of an investigation? This is worse than your local news investigative reports or Jim Cramer trying to do journalistic pieces outside of his world.

  6. ScAred New Yorkers, hahahahah. This has been going on for decades, we Celebrate marijuana out west. No different then wine being sold at every vineyard. Enjoy America …west coast for life, grow up America ….enjoy legal weed

  7. Maybe if legal dispensaries wasnt so expensive maybe people wouldn't feel the need to buy from illegal ones πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

  8. I didn't even watch this, But i can tell Big Alcohil paid for this Hit Piece!


  9. Yes. The Cartels are the black market.

    And some Mom and Pop places.

    But its mostly all cartel.

    Thats why every state that opens up operations MUST conduct background checks.

    If anyone is allowed into the medical or Recreational field's? And they are Cartel members?

    Then we fucked up.

    The main objective of Lagalization is to "Starve the Beast"

    If we take away the Cartels biggest money maker.

    Then they have to make money with the hard stuff.

    And thats how we get them.

    With the HARD Drugs. Like Ex. Or LSD.

  10. The story is all wrong, the market has always existed, it was 100 percent black market, the illegality kept prices up, legalization cut prices, stole some business and reduced drug cartel profits, while directing profits to local governments.

  11. MSnbC is supposed to be a liberal channel defending antifa. But they are all Jews running these networks and they like to backstabb their own. I am a lighthearted conservative. These people are working and they are not posing no problems. Why doens't MSNBC do the same reporting with all the banks which stealed billions of tax payer dollars? Fuck these Zionist jews. My taxes go to pay the FED, wars I don't approve and bankers who stole. Fuck you.

  12. Maybe it’s b/c dispensary weed aka regulated and tested weed isn’t what consumers want. Black market dealers have better weed/product and hrs of operation.

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