Weddings, Weed, and What To See On Broadway | KEITH HABERSBERGER | Confidently Insecure

The TRY GUYS have their very own podcast! check it out here: TALL BOI Keith Habersberger sits down for a chat about drugs …


  1. Matpat!!! I didnt know Keith was a fan of matpat too!!! Tht makes me so happy! I love the fnaf game theories. You guys should meet him!! Oh, do a try guy video where you play a five nights at Freddy's game!! Lol

  2. Always wondered who you were from other buzzfeed videos, they need to work on mentioning your channel when you appear in other videos! Subscribed!

  3. Unfortunately, and I hate to say it because I love Keith (but everyone can use their critiques) I get a very condescending vibe from Keith whenever's he is around Kelsey, and it bothers me but it's not the type of thing people would want to bring up.

  4. "I just remember I went home and cried about how I'm not good enough"
    "No, it's okay"
    I relate to Kelsey so much on this

  5. Omg!! Dabbing theory confirmed? I was doing dabs with friends and I had my rig in one hand and dabber in the other, i had to cough but didn’t want to burn my face so i basically dabbed. And then i laughed for a long time because i was confident that was how the dance move had been created. No chance it wasn’t.

  6. I love your videos! I’d love for you to talk about managing your chronic pain or at least how you are getting by currently. I have pretty good (or bad?) anxiety but my body is also broken physically between a surgery on the nurse in my neck and have chronic pain from lupus. Shit even my pain gives me anxiety and then when I’m in pain I get worse anxiety about being being in pain and not knowing what to do next because doctors and hospitals won’t do anything for it anymore. I love Keith’s mentality on cannabis.

  7. They also shouldn’t be asking anyone if they’re having babies or when because you don’t know if they CAN have children , if they’re trying to, or have recently miscarried etc. I have a lot of friends who are trying and have had trouble and people ask them and it gives them so much sadness and stress

  8. Idk how but in high school I never looked high even though I showed up almost every day more baked than a lasagna. I remember I would show up to school late because I would smoke before walking to school and my guitar teacher would always talk to me when I would get in while I was on airplane mode because I was late and I was scared shitless that he was gonna notice and call me out (because he was strict with rules and I've seen him call someone out before) but he never caught onto it and every time he would talk to me I was just always afraid he was gonna catch me if not by my eyes at least from the smell(I was obviously super paranoid but it was just when I was starting) but he never noticed me. The only time it was ever obvious was when I ate an edible during lunch and that shit smacked me in class and I was staring into the abyss and laughing my ass off telling my friend "it's hitting me" lmao good times good times.

  9. Watch out! I heard if you have wedding's in Barcelona, there's a 99% chance of a zombie outbreak happening at the wedding.

  10. Keith looks so good and different with the scruff. I really like his food videos 🙂 and he'd be a cool guy to just have a beer with.

    I use it for pain, sleep and if I have a mental block. I use CBD during the day, also not as critical of myself high so I do my video editing then. Totally not surprising that Keith smokes some while watching Netflix. Also pie is awesome, cake is okay.

    Love the show Kels. 💖 Congrats on speaking at the event 🙂

  11. We use Bub and Bubbie in our relationship. It derived itself from Baby/Bae somewhere – I don't actually remember the specific origin, just that its been going on for 5 years now.

  12. Also this reaffirms how much I love Keith or how much I relate to him I guess. Loves garbage food, smokes weed all the time, les mis his favorite musical, and he just wants to laugh and not be problematic. Also he lists Becky as his other best friend and that just warms my little heart

  13. Kieth should take a trip to Pie Town New Mexico, it’s a real place and the whole history is based around pies

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