1. Hello. Hope you are doing well I want to know where in India you live as I would like to visit and consult with you on my next trip. Many thanks. Rajul Shah

  2. You are such a positive person. Any seminar in Bangalore, I would love to attend. Thank you n God bless

  3. I loved it…gonna do that.
    but mam i apologize to say plzzz put mike in front of mouth as ur voice comes bit slow.

  4. Can you please help me there are some people doing negativity on me to block me. I have many health problems.

  5. One doubt
    Only the husband had to bring home something or the home maker can also bring when she
    Comes home

  6. Mam Pls Hindi video. Mam bohot sare log hai jo hindi jaante hai English nhi aati. Pls mam hindi me video banaye

  7. Shall we use the money after the pot is filled? How often do we change the items from the pot? Sending love from California.

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