1. I loved doing this challenge and the home-fitness challenge with people outside of BuzzFeed!

    What do y'all want the next challenge to be?

  2. Thanks you two for making this video. I was craving earlier and had destroyed all my Vape products, felt really good for a moment on the thought of "Ill just go buy a disposable", then immediate anxiety followed by me finding this video. Clark, Jordana you helped me today

  3. Both of you are right about reaching for the vape, I quit the Juul / Vuse products yesterday, Every now and then a light bulb goes off in my head and I'm reaching around for my Vape pen, checking my pockets etc and realizing I threw it away.

  4. this is complete bullsh*t i run track (top 110 hurdler in LA city) and i smoke and im not addicted nore do i have any sides effects i workout and i live my life.. this was staged asf.. ig its for younger kids im not saying juul im jus saying this is over done bruh.. common bruh

  5. Meanwhile this guy is either high or drunk😂4:56

    An she somehow dose not see smoke from below her that’s definitely an cigarette 🤫5:03

  6. Actually i had worst when I quit smoking
    Day1:was lazy headache
    Day2-6:all my days was thinking about it couldn’t get my mind out of the demand and i eat to much also my sleeping was disaster
    Day8: started feeling way way better and my sleep start getting better and I didn’t even thought about it
    Day9: completely normal back to my life
    I stopped in jun/03/2019

  7. I smoked 5 packs in less than 2 weeks I still use my juul still I’m not going to stop vapeing and I’m using a smok pen plus as well with 24mg and I refill my juul pods with random juice but 50mg and I’m 19 years old I Fien a lot

  8. i don’t understand how you can get addicted to things like can some people not get addicted to things because i feel like i cant get addicted to things from experience

    if yall know answer please

  9. I quit for a month and half to cleanse my body out now today is the first day I hit my juul (3-5hits) now I'm gonna wait a bit(week) before my next 3-5hits

  10. This is how I stopped smoking cigarettes. I don’t know if and when I’ll be giving up the Juul. It’ll be a year in November. Smoked for 9, Juuled for 1.

  11. Yoo I’m 17 have been smoking all kind of cigarettes cheap/expensive ones strong ones weak also with vaping and hookahs I usually do 30 nic sometimes 60 if I want it to hit fast and I i have not been addicted why? Because I already told myself befor I started doing it that I will not be addicted to it no matter what and boom look at me now I’m a month without using them but sometimes I do feel like I want to use it but not that strong urge like I can’t continue a day without it those are just excuses and maybe your gonna day “phft you probably don’t inhale it inside probably in your mouth and out instantly nope. I’m just trying to tell you that if you think and believe you will not be addicted you will not

  12. there not mentioning that you can use other vape devices that are lower in nicotine strength! and lower the amoutn of nicotine you have until you can go to 0 nicotine fr the mouth hand habbit as well! what a narrative driven video like all other companies doing the same thing! its hurting there pocket! better they are not smoking butts anymore as well! SMH

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