1. Instead of selling brown sugar you should put 24s on it and get in on the big wheel racing movement.

  2. This 1 pass ever 2 weeks sucks. Sell the hemi and build another boosted rooster. Thats what the people want to watch. Hell build the brown sugar. I like street car shit. Its so much more relatable and interesting plus you can race all night and every weekend. Not trying to be a internet asshole or debbie downer. I have been a sub for a long time just giving my honest opion.

  3. Stop telling times bro…. a lot of die hards in n/t won’t want to run you because of it. Good job though man

  4. i think you should watch a video by Tim Mcamis called starting line procedure……. way too many people on the line. i think you can handle it by yourself

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