1. 6:40 Even from seed with no veg room/tent you can probably harvest three times per year. Most people can probably grow plants that yield (at least) two ounces per plant. 2 ounces * 4 plants = 8 ounces per harvest, 8 ounces * 3 harvests = 24. That's 24 ounces a year which is about 1.8 grams per day for the daily toker.

  2. Arizona tea getting into the isn't surprising…the lift expo speakers and all the jazz players around it are all geared towards vape and single serve use/ abuse model.

  3. 34:03 seriously guy any dog would have done that shit as a puppy so stop that hating on pitbulls bull shit! Smh that's just f**** stupid and how stupidity spreads on particular breed moron! Think before you speak and spread misguided information on a animal you clearly dislike personally! So shut it!

  4. I just can't get over how odd it looks when the guy looks over to talk to him with a beard and you can clearly tell they're not in the same room lmao so it looks like he's just talkin over his shoulder LMAO 😂

  5. My girlfriend and I just finished a grow together, it was her first time cultivating and my 3rd honest run. Her favorite part was trimming!!I would say it is definitely a relationship building experience.

  6. Get scotty and guru to make some cookie sourdough bread. May be jalapeños and cheese and of course decarbed cookie.

  7. Canadian Outdoor, Marijuana Canadian Outdoor, Marijuana Canadian Outdoor, Marijuana Canadian Outdoor, Marijuana Canadian Outdoor, Marijuana Canadian Outdoor, Marijuana

  8. i like the way scottie cant buy a house from a realtor without being sexually attracted to them, was this podcast a rewind to the 1970's

  9. Ya that's right , waste valuable air time debating political correctness. Chalk up another victory for the PC freaks.

  10. Scotty you probably bought the breadmaker because a pretty woman in an apron was the salesperson lol I'm just joshing you 😂

  11. Most of the tie, I drave perfectly, but then sometimes you have those moments where you mess up and realise you probably wouldn't have done that thing if weren't so stoned.

  12. Scotty your doing exactly what needs to be done and said to fight this P.C. bullshit. The dude is clearly wrapped up in victim hood b.s. I'm with you scotty were taking America back from the bullshit of the former president that was a panty waste and all this pussy victimhood mentality #Trump2020

  13. Aww Dude said he thought the name of Rasta Jeff's podcast, which is called , @Grow from Your Heart, that it had the word Love as part of the name. That's perfect .🙏. because he exudes love.Thank you fellas🌱♻️✌

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