1. Hey guys! Just wanted to give an update and clarification from Canada. You can only buy bud, tinctures and joints, no edibles or extracts above 30%. This will change as of October 17th 2019. The reason they were raided is because they are not government licensed and it's almost impossible to get a license in any realistic time right now in BC. (Every province has slightly different regulations) In BC right now this gov. organization is shutting down all the unlicensed dispenseries, as the official province position is that the two licensed stores are enough for the province. BC has traditionally been much more tolerant to cannabis. Meanwhile, the RCMP and local police forces are raiding the unlicensed stores in every other province. In Toronto, they have repeatedly raided the same stores over and over until the point where they were welding doors shut and when that didnt work they dropped giant cement blocks in front of the doors. This still didnt stop them and they are now having sidewalk sales! 90+% of canadian cannabis smokers refuse to shop at the licensed stores as the cannabis is almost always so dry and flavourless that you literally break it up by squishing it in your fingers. I would love to chat with y'all to keep you updated on the scene in Canada. Feel free to reach out! Love you guys and keep up the good work!

  2. Good show once again. It's been quite an adjustment here in Oklahoma. We go from zero tolerance to transportation license with a lock box full of cannabis. Life is at a all time high.

  3. I agree with Scotty ….Why not use hempastic a replacement for the plastic one time use containers for biodegradable containers that degrades like paper

  4. Scotty is dead on. It does pay to be polite and smile when pulled over. Ever since I changed my attitude torwards officers, it has been reciprocal. I know that won't always hold true, but people are so quick to forget they're just people too

  5. You guys should stop saturdays and do members only material. It would encourage me to add myself to its membership

  6. I really need to comment more. Love the show. I watch daily. I watch religiously. I vote with my dollars too. I’m a DGC Member. I watch with my 2 year old. He loves the intro and outro music. I hope to be a life long member. As soon as I can afford a year long membership. I’m on it like stank on dank. Much love. Strength and Honor.

  7. Florida slowly coming out of the Stone Age and into the age of the stoners 🤦‍♂️😂🌱💚 much love DGC stay safe and medicated!!!

  8. Get up, get up, get out of bed, its time for Wake and Bake my awesome friends. Got a joint in hand and a shatter pen, caint wait to join you all again.✌💚💨

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