1. Let me give you guys a good example of ironic. Come from the word irony having a sense of irony so let's say you have a genie granted you a wish and your wish was your dick touch the floor and when you woke up in the morning your legs were one inch long. That would be ironic that Genie had a sense of irony

  2. IL has a long ways to go. They have given out soo few licenses for medical that the dispensaries have a monopoly on prices to the point that the blackmarket has just become bigger. If you dont live in chicago then your stuck going to the blackmarket. Its the same thing for rec. The state has everything divided into "cannabis districts". If your in chicago your getting a nice handful of rec licenses. All the other "districts" are only getting one maybe two licenses. So if you live outside of chicago your limited to 1-3 dispensaries in your area. They forget that competition lowers prices. The state wants to "bring down" the black market but all they are doing is making the black market more appealing especially if your on a limited budget. It also dosent help that the state is one of the highest taxed in the usa.

  3. Heh man can you dudes do a episode where you address SM90 and why they banned as well as similar products. I loved that product worked great and was killer alongside of silica was sad to see it go and so does my grow, lol………..

  4. I wish you guys went a little deeper into the fried egg article. I hope someone in that house properly stood up and said a few thinks like "lying to people cause distrust and the polar opossite reaction". That I hope someone hit him with some facts and then said you don't deserve to cast a vote with such ignorant views and zero information on the topic. Believing propaganda from government campaigns is not protecting your kids you silly silly man.

  5. Hello Scotty, Dude, Guru, warehouse Kyle and DGC Crew!. Hope you all have a very lifted day and keep on rockin!πŸ€˜πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ‘

  6. Whoever is making this show needs to ditch the "dude" guy. Scottie is cool and the guy talking in the background is decent, but the ginger guy needs to stay in the background. His personality doesn't work for a weed show. He's to serious and not that great on air. Comes off stiff as a board or he's really not into this shit like he pretends.

  7. Tell a diabetic they should "regulate their meat intake". It's all the can fucking eat. People think they know everything about how everyone should eat or live and they actually don't know shit.

  8. AAXKKSHUALLYY, Raising chickens for eggs is ultimately a very unhealthy practice for the chickens. This is because even in a backyard environment, you are exploiting the chickens' natural reproductive process. Just like humans, this process places a large strain on the animals body and internal organs, and repeatedly cycling this process throughout the life of the bird will inevitably lead to high stress, early organ failure, and sudden death. Also, the birds tend to hit nutrient deficiencies pretty hard if they aren't being fed in a way that is mindful of their purpose (laying). Just thought I would be THAT GUY πŸ˜€

  9. Scotty''s got you a new f'n parasite from eating sushi bro. I'll never eat it raw fish man seriously those parasites or make you crave sugar and it will trick your brain into something that they like like sweets

  10. I need a light upgrade so fu*** badly come on dgc god gimmi sum luck. I need this win brothers…badly

  11. Don't listen Dude it's a trap… coming from a guy who use to wash eggs for 2 1/2 hours a day… and the chicken shit… run …. just F'n run

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