Waiting to Inhale: Marijuana, Medicine and the Law – Full Movie | Snagfilms

WAITING TO INHALE examines the heated debate surrounding marijuana and its use as medicine in the United States. As patients demand laws to protect their …


  1. in the 1970s I smoke weed for three years I quit IT WAS EXTREMELY EASY TO QUIT I never did anything more dangerous and never did it again when i stopped it was easy I THINK WEED IS NOT ADDICTIVE NOT iOTA anyone who sais it is to my face just may get punched. it is not right to keep ppl from it if it cures like i think it does

  2. You know your getting raided hide your dogs. They are made to shoot your animal. Eliminate the chances of getting bitten.

  3. Anyone who smokes weed without working to 'End the Drug War' TODAY belongs in dead or in jail. Their worse than the cops.

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