Veritas Farms Offers a Glimpse of the Future for American Hemp

With the market for products with containing cannabidiol, or CBD, growing by leaps and bounds, industrial hemp farms around the world are working overtime to …


  1. This company has gone down to terrible extremes, their not pitting a full 30ml of oil in their bottles. Now once they ever contact their customers they blow you off say customers are wrong or we are wrong, measurement is easy. Stay clear of these theives, have more thc than all other cannabinoids and terpenes are next to zero, see the or one and only coa, yep correct they did one coa lab test for all their bottles thus far, crazy huh, tell me and my family. I said to them doesn't veritas mean Truthful…, guess not to these krooks…

  2. Beautifully said I appreciate it, I've been diagnosed with degerenative disc disease along with, slight scoliosis and believe me. .. I've been going thru sum rough PAIN😢💔💔😢 I'm 42yrs old, and I ain't getting any younger, eversince, I've been taking a higher indica CBD strain of "Yummy"… I've been PAIN FREE ever since ✌💯💯🎯💯💯✌ Nízhóní Hééi 😂 all the way from the Navajo Nation USA🎯

  3. While I really enjoyed this, was it necessary to see the labels being put on so often? I thought I was really stoned (well, more than I realized) and was somehow skipping back in the video… but no, it wasn’t me…

  4. Nice looking operation. Can you tell me how you prevent low frequency vibration and noise and light pollution with your grow and extraction? I am trying to convince our cannabis growing neighbor Adolphus Busch V (ABV Cannabis, pure greens, V3 oil) that their grow is the cause of a problem in our home that began when they did and they will not admit or help, choosing to come after me with lawyers for giving them hell for preventing sleep for months on end. Do your neighbors complain?

  5. We shall see not big into alcohol extractions, but it's ethanol, you did not state wheather its lab grade ethanol or much better & more important would be food grade ethanol??? I'm very cautious here but hope it's good, I've had great results with Charlotte's Web extra strength oil & I'm praying as even I was sold buy words, we shall see. I'm skeptic but bought Veritas brand this round, please don't let me down I use for serious spinal nerve pain chronic also and debilitating as well, no opiates allowed only junkies get them, but praying it can live up to Charlotte's Web, big shoes to try and fill. Let you all know soon, Cheers.

  6. The main problem is that CBD goes and works way better with a little bit of THC in it. The CBD I have tried that's made just from Hemp does absolutely nothing for me!

  7. you guys will do so much good for the public and industry by doing more of these kinds of videos. short docu series do so well to connect with a wide audience will better educating the public that this really is a well regulated, medical product.

  8. Leafly really needs to step up it's YouTube presence. There is so much information on their site, and there is so much power in video. I'm talking strains and medical effectiveness.

  9. Man that sounds good to rid us of pain : ) man that sounds huge to cure skeptic minds : )
    my wish for Nothing butThe Best : )

  10. Everybody's receptors are the same. They're even the same in other species. Why do these cannabis people always have to say some incredibly ignorant thing in these videos to sound smart?

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