Vaping Essential Oils – Is There a Danger?

The Doctors discuss the trend of people inhaling and vaping essential oils. Are there any health concerns regarding this trend? Subscribe to The Doctors: …


  1. lord this is so dumb. essential oils are NOT cigarettes or vapes. it’s a literal PORTABLE diffuser for when you aren’t at home.

  2. You don’t inhale them even?? You suck it in to your mouth only and then out through your nose, even though they say that they are safe to inhale, you still should use them responsibly. They should have actually reaserched the product before hey pass comments on them

  3. As a 21 year old that has grown up around the more or less current mentality regarding cigarettes, with vaping coming into popularity during my high school and college years, I would never touch a cigarette. For the record, I don't smoke pot or vape either, but I have a lot of peers that do and I know most or all of us feel the same. There is a big difference in the mind of todays young people, myself included, between smoking pot or vaping, and smoking a nicotine cigarette. If someone in my age group smokes cigarettes, they're pretty harshly judged and ostracized for it by the rest of their peers, which is not the case at all with marijuana or these essential oil vaporizers.

  4. The thing is is that the Monq the brand name of the “vapes” is that it does not go into your lungs you sip it like a straw and blow it out your nose

  5. im not one to defend vaping, but you guys really failed to do research. this was not fact based, it was just emotional and “what if” banter. i wanted to know the physical dangers behind these essential oil vaporizers

  6. Gateway drugs don’t exist.
    It literally doesn’t exist.
    People choose to do drugs usually to help their mental health.
    Stress is a gateway drug.
    Care for the youth.

  7. This video is actually retarded they keep saying i thiNK bruh ur opinions aren’t FACTS it’s basically just a bunch of adults that think that everything that makes smoke out of ur mouth is horrible for ur lungs they clearly didn’t do ANY actual research just my two cents

  8. Yeah well the company (Monq) literally says no inhaling into lungs. So that eliminates a gateway to cigarettes. Plus they are supposed to be healthy so I don’t think the kind of people who would order a thing that is good for you would try cigarettes because of this.

  9. Thought they were "actually" going to talk about the health risks, they just stuck their noses in other people's business

  10. Apparently your not supposed to put them in your lounges… your supposed to keep it in your mouth and breath thru your nose

  11. I don't know this show cause I'm French , If "The DRs" stands for "Doctors", I''m 100% Sure they're not.

  12. They kept saying inhale but you’re not supposed to inhale it just in your mouth and then out through your nose

  13. How the hell does someone think that using a vapor that tastes good and makes you feel good could lead to smoking in a bunch of dangerous chemicals that tastes nasty

  14. i have a formula vape that kept me from getting sick all winter. depends on the quality of oils. I use arabic pure oils , western oils are full of alcohol.

  15. This is the 2nd video I have found by this channel and find their conversations are so ridiculous and uninformative do to the lack of facts. Some doctors should not be doctors.

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