using cannabis to overcome addiction and save my life

It’s not easy to share about this topic but I think it’s important to do so anyway. SSRIs and SNRIs are more physically addictive than nicotine, on par with drugs …


  1. Hope separation from your pharma is gained smoothly.
    Still trying to end sugar here, nothing like a good organic chocolate binge.

  2. Oh, my dear friend… much love to you. I think you know they nearly killed me. Can you get kratom? I find it is very effective at pain relief, mental and physical. I also found binaural beats very helpful in dealing with the withdrawal from SSRIs. Best of luck to you, much love to you and Katy!

  3. Drutter. Sticking to facts. I suffered from depression and anxiety as a young man. A situation that actually came about as a result of what I had experienced as a child. Now. In order to change things for the better, I have had to learn how to actually become the master of my own mind and emotions. You know, those ‘troublesome emotions’ that often attempt to use our minds in order to make us unhappy. Something that they do, by continually re-mind-ing us of those events that originally gave birth to them. The past dwells on/in the past, and the mental suffering continues. This is the one main ‘feed back loop’ that you need to break in order to eventually gain your freedom from the pain associated with your past. You need to actually stop ‘feeding the pain’. And this you do by, stopping habitually both talking, and thinking about the past. Habits that up until now you will have no doubt mistakenly considered to be harmless. Something that they are certainly not. Also, you need to work on deliberately letting go of the pain that is associated with your past. That pain that continues to live on, on the inside of your physical body. In the pit of your stomach in fact. Something that can only be done through ‘the act of forgiveness’. You must realise that those who actually wronged you, were in fact ‘doing their very best’ in what is clearly a terribly difficult situation. I mean, had they been able to act differently, I am sure they would have done so. You need to work on becoming ‘fresh and new’. On actually cleaning out all of that ‘emotional garbage’ that continues to build up on the inside of our physical bodies during our lifetime. That weight of the past that weighs us all down. And, that continues to suck the life out of each of us. That continues to drain us all of our precious vitality. Hence the term ‘enlightenment’. The process of actually shedding the weight (the pain) of the past. I do hope this comment is accepted in the same manner in which it was written. My aim is not to criticise in any way. My aim is to empower. All the best, Andrew.

  4. 5-HTP is the former SSRI and it´s made naturally of black beans and boosts seratonin levels (you can even buy it on Ebay). It helps me, cause I don´t want to take anti anxiety meds. I´m just telling, cause in my country Cannabis is illegal, but there is always a way to stop taking poison from the pharma industry…

  5. I hear you on that D Rudder . I'm on 6 different subscriptions for P TSD and TB I and depression I take 2 different pills for depression and xanax 2 milligram 3 times A-day, and I would rather Not Take any but I have to And anybuddy That ever took those knows It's hard to get the hell off them

  6. Dealing with Benzo taper , horrific . The Doc tried to switch to an SSRI but it doesn't work that way which he knew. These doctors don't give a f. Good luck bro, good info.

  7. Sorry to hear your struggles with pharmaceuticals your situation is all to familiar I was on 17 pharmasuticels had no idea how dangerous they were Cannabis has helped me reduce the amount of Dr's poison but Under Canada's Legalization It's been a nightmare Medicinal Store's shut down all around me Making it much harder and more expensive to obtain the Quality Cannabis I need. The Lps products aren't even smokable or edible Damn Shame Cannibus is just not For Funzies it's Medicine For Many people Good Luck and God Bless 🍁 🙏 🍁

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