1. Hey dan can you please unhide your browser tabs? it's hard to skip to follow the names that I can trade without looking at the tabs

  2. Tilt will explode after earnings and even more after q1 earnings as long rhe overall market will be stable.30 million q4. 40 million q12019.This share price is a gift.

  3. Dan, thanks for skipping the tickers on morning LIVE coverage that you analyzed in these videos, so much time saved for all.

  4. I'm betting on good earnings for TILT but not sure how share price will reflect just look at VGW Hahaha

  5. Thank you very much for your videos! greatly appreciated. Please add PYX to your reviews. Thanks a lot

  6. I do like the Taps On top acct. I do generally do a review on holdings & tickers I like .Thy are also stops to review your technical analysis . YOUR TAKE ON LIFE & TRADING IS SPOT ON !!!!

  7. yo can you change it so that we can see the tabs up top again, gives people a guide on where to skip to for the stocks they follow

  8. Thanks for hammering home the importance of watching both Canadian and US tickers.  Done that for last 2 days and now see difference in volume and price movement. Only buy/sell US tickers, but was making a mistake by only watching those.  Really appreciate you taking time to share your experience/knowledge through these videos.

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