1. Wouldnt the parent company get significant gains from US legalization because they own the underlying MSOs? So the hedge funds would jump into CGC for longterm positions and price in massive MSO growth?

  2. Can someone explain why CL and OH are talked about in USA MJ when they are both Canadian companies/ tickers ?

  3. Dan – excellent analysis as always. Thank you. I wonder if you would consider just using US tickers on these US stocks.? Maybe your community might be like me and really only trade using US tickers. Much easier to relate to stock prices in your analysis.

  4. Hey guys! A trading channel myself – any support will be much appreciated, will subscribe back. Thanks

  5. While visiting Tampa I drove by a Trulieve store and had a chuckle as I read the name on the sign. I am a simple man with simple needs.

  6. TY as always. I watch every day and i smash that like.

    What is your take on canopy river and australis.. i made some good profit last week and sold friday.after i sold ausaf dropped 15%… thinkin about buyin the dip.. but really thinking to buy both for long term.. but i’m looking for a good entry point.. any thoughts.. ty!

  7. Beware!!! BAMM/BMMJ is a pump and dump stock! Watch out!! Blaze Capital Channel owner is a "special adviser" with BAMM. He's NOT in your best interest. Pandora's Box WILL be open and be investigated by IIROC and SEC. A Halt or Dump will happen! Look at the price actions folks! His stock group is buy all the shares!!! Don't hold a BAG!

  8. Again less views on the US MJ videos than the Canadian MJ videos. Dan maybe people aren’t getting the hint that the analysis for the Canadian stocks keep showing daily and weekly down trends and no rallies to speak of. The smart money has been flowing into US MSOs for weeks and people still aren’t getting the hint according to your video view counts.

  9. what happens to warrants of a company that is bought out? id assume they could no longer be exercised ?

  10. trul got alot of bear volume on the way down and not much volume on the way up … kinda scary for the holder

  11. Damn No GTII-green thumb? One of biggest holdings in new ETFs and one of more bullish MSOs on Friday…

  12. I know you have more tickers than you know what to do with, but PYX is ready for a large bounce and news came out thursday that Morgan Stanley took more than a 5% stake in the company, looks solid down here
    Edit: nevermind I’m an idiot, you covered it.

  13. Hey Dan did you see the news on MedMen? COO and General Counsel resigned. Bad sign to me since they’ve consistently had a lot of cash burn and the COO was just hired in November. The general counsel leaving when they have like 4 lawsuits sounds bad as well.

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