1. BAMM/BMMJ is a pump and dump stock! Watch out!! Blaze Capital Channel is a "special advisor" with BAMM. He's NOT in your best interest. Pandora's Box WILL be open and be investigated by OTC Commission and SEC. A Halt or Dump will happen!

  2. Dear God please get rid of the voice that starts the video. It's a cross between a New York cartoon character and someone scratching g their nails on a blackboard

  3. Great Videos Dan. Thanks for covering LABS.

    Just FYI, LABS is a Canadian company and operate under Canadian jurisdictions and has nothing to do whatsoever with USA due to legalization issues. This is TSX V stock and can't do business in USA as it can delisted due to regulations.

    I am sure you know but Canada is doing 2nd wave of legalization this Oct 2019 where all edibles, concentrates, and oils become legal.

  4. Everyone is talking about the intro. You all ought to be commenting on the opportunities he just outlined.

  5. I noticed some of those weed stocks took another hit. Of course the best advice for those stocks would be to take the hit and hold it till you get high again….. Sorry could not help it.

  6. Hi Dan! Do you know a way to set a stop loss for Trulieve on Fidelity or elsewhere? We are considering moving our account to them. Thanks for all of your selfless advice!

  7. Jedi Master Moral of the story … Do not poke The Chart Guys about intro's … They will make you pay 🙂

  8. Hey Dan…not sure about that CWEB chart bud..the high of the day was 27.50 CAD and then dumped to a lower low closing at 26.22 CAD (2.09% dump)

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