1. Dan's right. I miss out on a lot of run-ups. It's good to have a large chunk of cash on the side, because there will be a moment when an opportunity to buy a certain stock for a good flip- doesn't matter which sector.

  2. Yo Dan I just want to say thanks again and especially thank you for the little thoughtful blurb at the end about people who didn't see this recovery happen and feel like they missed out. I've been beating myself up relentlessly for the past two weeks for not having the forethought a few weeks ago to get better positions in anticipation of this bull run and it's been driving me nuts. The way you expressed your thoughts helped me feel much better about it, and I'm just going to continue to focus on learning and trying to spot the next good opportunity. Thanks dude, you're a gem!

  3. Just want to say how appreciative I am and I know many others are of these videos. Dan your seriously doing great things! Keep up the quality work

  4. Dude… such good vibes and knowledge. A true professional. I purchased the chart course but I’m still doing it. It’s long. Hope to one day be apart of your group. Thanks for the great vids.

    I’m hoping curaleaf continues to break out and get a new high like you said it probably could.

  5. I have a feeling this has been asked before, but I cant find the answer. Why is CGC not in the MJ index?

  6. Wow. It's great that you take the time and effort to make these. You are a really good teacher and your work is appreciated. Thanks!

  7. How does 1 know when a good short entry or close a long qhen a name like iipr has profit taking candles with upper wick, yet next day bulls see continuation?

  8. Hi guys update, likes,shares and donations are much appreciated the Uk health system failed me. I’ve had to come to Barcelona for a true diagnosis. Good news is I am a candidate for surgery. Bad news is I have way more wrong with me than I first thought. I will post the official report when I get it but I have multiple lesions on my brain and spine. My right cerrabellum tonsil is applying pressure to my spinal cord. I have a low lying conus. And an enlarged blood vessel that is pushing on the part of my brain that controls motor movements ie, legs and arm movements. Fillum disease, neuro cranial veterbral syndrome, possible multiple sclerosis, possible Ehlers Danlos syndrome, a scoliosis, chiari type 0 and finally the a syringomylia (cyst in my spine). Please can someone tell me how the Uk health system can miss all of this! http://gf.me/u/p9wutr

  9. The reason why some of the market caps are low is because they are not taking into account fully diluted share counts. Companies like TRULIEVE have super voting shares which haven't fully converted yet. Their real market cap is over $1B.

  10. So basically if you are sitting in cash you should wait until considerable pull back likely to come in Feb and March before entering any positions. Am I right here people? Thats the smart move?

  11. KSHB: They recently diluted to get additional cash (common stocks at $5,25 and warrants at purchase price of $5.75). So I believe this is the reason for the stock staying in that price range.

  12. TRUL's total outstanding shares are 110M, puts them at over 1B USD market cap. About 25M shares unlocked recently will hit the market soon. The rest are owned by the founders which they agreed to lock up voluntary until July 25th.

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