1. Posted this on reddit as well, but not really sure which you check, so…

    I just want to point something out here. GTII's OTC ticker is actually GTBIF.

    So when you actually compare the two, the cash volume is pretty similar.

    GTII: C3.2MM = $2.4MM US
    GTBIF: $2.1MM US

    I've been trading every bounce due to low float and really nailing it thanks to your vids, so thanks a lot! Also used to be a part of the group and would love to join again, how do I sign up?


  2. good to hear no “coughing” , did you try a little chicken soup ;-). Really, another great video!!

  3. Ey boss, just a heads up. You clicked on Global Tech (OTC:GTII) instead of Green Thumb (OTC:GTBIF) when you were illustrating volume disparity. just an FYI, I believe your point still stands (even though green thumb might be an exception because I believe US volume hit 180k on friday, correct me if I'm wrong).

  4. Trulieve, 25+ million shares to be unlocked which were purchased at $6 on Jan 25th. There will be a short attack I think.

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