UPDATE: 2 Months After Quitting Marijuana! How Do I Feel? What Are The Changes I've Noticed?

As you guys guys know I was smoking weed for about 3 years. I started at 27, which is a weird age to start, then I quit smoking pot at 30. I can tell you the …


  1. As some of you guys know I was smoking weed for about 3 years. I started at 27, which is a weird age to start, then I quit smoking pot at 30. I can tell you the emotional benefits of quitting weed and keeping it out of your life significantly outweigh any perceived benefits. Just get that shit out of your life. 420 only helps you sleep when you first start using it and for the first couple of months, once your body become used to weed it helps your body relax, but never actually allows for a full nights sleep. Have you noticed yourself having heightened or nonsensical emotions? Uncontrollable anger, anxiety, depression, giddiness? Weed could be effecting your personality!

  2. Weed holds you down and makes you lame , right where the Left wants you , that's way they legalized it

  3. That's interesting, I smoke weed and I don't do any of those things you mentioned. I have had casual sex but usually with the hope or prospect of it turning into something more. I'm engaged and monogamous (I've been monogamous in all my relationships actually). I don't think it's the weed I think you're growing up and starting to take personal responsibility and self discipline in mind. You need to do things like an adult, you're expected not to go to work drunk the same applies to weed, just don't do it. Don't be intoxicated while driving that's just asking for problems. Don't make YouTube videos while stoned, you'll ramble on about nothing for thirty minutes. Like I said personal responsibility and self discipline. You have to do the same thing with sweet and fatty foods. You should definitely do this with alcohol. Alcohol takes the cake on OD hospitalizations and car accidents. Alcohol is also the only substance known to man where the withdrawls (once physically addicted) can kill you. Same with sex, exercise or anything that increases dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, endorphins and androgen levels. We naturally seek out things that play with these neurochemicals as they make us feel good (or since of euphoria). Marijuana didn't make you have bad decisions and if it truly did then yes stop smoking it. Many things you've described I've seen in people who do not partake in any mind altering chemicals. Some people grow up and some don't happy to see you on a better path.

    Some of what you're describing makes me wonder if you have bipolar type one. You're experience of "withdrawing" and being on it would make allot of since. Marijuana can exacerbate bipolar type one symptoms (the CBD's actually counteract symptoms from bipolar type one and psychosis but won't get you high). Marijuana is great for treating major depression like in bipolar type two but it's terrible at treating bipolar type one, schizophrenia, psychosis and anxiety. In fact if any of those things run in your family marijuana could exacerbate the symptoms of it.

  4. I smoke every day and I dont experience these side effects you claim mariquna can cause so it's best to say it happened to you but dont claim it can happen to anyone who smokes weed.

  5. I dont smoke weed, but have friends who do. I wouldnt say they got angry, but they definitely got a bit "dumb" if that makes sense, like their brain cells werent all there. But I guess I didnt stay with them too much after their nights of being high, so I dont know if they had the same anger issues. Anger is definitely not an attractive trait, I'm sure you're a lot more fun and easy going to be around you. If I met you in real life I'm sure I'd love to be your friend

  6. While smoking pot i can think better, i can conversate and act better, I'm faster in my acts and very social. I think it's different on each person. I live better with smoking not that much but once every 2 days.

  7. Cannabis is an amplifier, and it amplifies negative experience/emotion just as much as it does positive experience/emotion.

  8. Hell yeah dude. I'm 72 days clean right now. Smoked daily for 12 years. I feel so much better and I'm saving so much money.

  9. Weed stretched your emotional spectrums out and now, backing off of it you're probably even more centered and confident in your normal state than before having experienced the big swings

  10. I'm right on the edge of quitting. I've cut down from 3 joints a day to one hit a day. I know its a hurdle I need to jump and soon. Good work man. You're killing it.

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