Unboxing The Weed Box July 2019 MEGA BOX

Unboxing The Weed Box July 2019 MEGA BOX Stoner Supplies shipped to your door! Everything in this box is $55 I love the piece this month, I think it’s …


  1. Ok now you done it..I made my first order today and used in the coupon " JOEY" and got my first DISCOUNT thank you WEED BOX and Joey ( cocks head to the side? When i was 4 we had a dog named Joey. Then there was Joey the 2nd, then a Joey the III ) O_0 OOOO SQUIRREL !!!!!! (Random thoughts … )

  2. OK i watch hours of unboxing clips but your my new fav!!!!! Your cute as hell , and you look just like every one i get high with in( OR ) I like your description of the rigs. As some one that uses them, a lot> WILL BE KEEPING MY EYE ON YOU ..hehe…..Actually i just ended my HEMPER and DHC scrips. Because its been, 8 months and want to try THE WEED BOX and THE CANABOX…..TY

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